pretty in pink Valentino?...

... cheerful in dress of the season DKNY?...

...or cute as a button in Philip Lim?


lapin said...

we look quite the same, cool.

summa07babes said...

i love all of them

Chelsey Loren said...

I love the Valentino's buttom - so delicate and feminine!

Anonymous said...

I'm in love your your drawings!! xx

Candid Cool said...

loving the valentino

Sophie said...

Hi, I just love all of your gorgeous drawings! :D I would love to get in contact with you but I can’t find your e-mail anywhere at your blog. So please contact me at sophiesfashion_blogg@yahoo.se

Looking forward to hear from you!

Best regards Sophie ♥

muze1990 said...

hmmm they are all nice :). but I think you should wear the DKNY number!

missallfun said...

I finally framed my fifis check them out!Thank you! www.missallfun.com

Penguin & Fish said...

You're looking as cute as ever Fifi.

fabulous fifi said...

I thought we should meet as we are kind-of related! You see, I am also a Fifi, a French Fifi that is.
I so enjoy finding Fifi Lapin, so stylishly adorable.
Will come back soon.

miss fashion said...

mmm. love the valentino!
the bestt!

ed said...









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