the sweet smell of roses

I have filled my house with roses today, and very appropriately I am wearing Lela Rose. I'm doing a spot of baking - carrot cupcakes mm yummy. my little pup is watching on, you made so many great suggestions that I'm having a hard time choosing. might resort to writing them all down and calling her by all the names to see which one she comes too!


rachz said...

if, perchance, she comes to one of the French names i suggested...
i can be reached at rachzel.etsy.com :)

merci, belle FiFi!!

the red monster said...

I love that outfit it is very casual but versatile
check out my blog : ) leave a comment or to? = )

The Clothes Horse said...

Good luck picking a name, but I am fairly certain it is Asta...hint, hint. I even have a pic comparison at my site...

WendyB said...

Carrot cupcakes. What other kind is there for a cute bunny?

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