Some say the British are renowned for our obsession with the weather but seriously can you blame us when August, the one month that is meant to be what is known as 'summer', has so far been a huge disappointment. Now don't get me wrong, sometimes we have the most perfect summers, but the persistent clouds are starting to drive me up the wall and there's not even anything my credit card can do. Well not directly anyway. I've said it before and I'll say it again the only thing to when the weather is dreary is go shopping!

lets go together shall we, we'll meet at the Wolseley for a spot of breakfast and then we'll jump in a taxi to the new Orla Kieley shop, just look at all the goodies to choose from....

scarves are so this season - justification in itself

oh dear I feel faint at all the loveliness
and you can I interest you in a gorgeous buckle fronted handbag?

oh my goodness I want that bag... that one there... second right from her perfectly clad foot. yes I'll take a pair of those too!

see look how happy that bag has made her, I want it in the other colour way though!

oooh check out her lovely beret, I love that bow on the front

ok next lets go to Nicole Fahri, we can have lunch there too!

I love the convex mirror collection

and I'll be looking out for these two gorgeous outfits, how about you, did you get anything?

seeing as we're in Bond Street lets go to Gucci, oh and Lanvin and lets not forget Chanel (don't worry about the sniffy sales assistants, they're quite nice really)

phew I could do with a tea break!
lets have a quick slice of carrot cake too...
...and then a couple of fashion kisses and a proper hug, that was fun! I'll see you next time


p.s. If you liked my new drawings, prints will be available for sale soon, I'll let you know when!


Anna Denise said...

Oh I KNOW, here in Holland it's not much better. :-( Fortunately, I found a supercute top today.

LOVE the illustrations with this post - awesome!

Juliet said...

Lovely drawings. It hasn't been summer in here eather (Finland that is).

juliet xxx

Always In Style said...

Hi - I just stumbled upon your lovely blog - have a wonderful weekend :-)

Kat said...

very cool work, as usual ;) i'm gonna link you if you don't mind!

Suzie said...

Hi Fifi I'm so sorry to tell you this (but you might already know) an Australian brand called "Friends of Couture" (www.friendsofcouture.com.au) have stolen some of your designs and put them on a t-shirt. It's a different t-shirt to the Hong Kong knock off, this one has three bunnies and fabric applique)I don't have any photos but if you'd like me to take some that's no problem. I know it must be upsetting when people do this, but I thought you should know.

Lady Melbourne said...

I like your new drawings very much!
What a lovely day you have described, it sounds like perfection FiFi!


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qwerty_zoe said...

those new drawings are great!

Catherine said...

I love Orla Kiely! I bought a cyprus tree print dress a few years ago, and it's the softest silk dress I own. I actually wore it to school today~ It's my absolute favorite dress.

sam said...

That's sweet pic~~~!U guys can also get discount Dunk kicks on www.dunkicks.com

JUNI.JULI said...

i love the fifi-pics..=)

Amelie / Ces petits riens parisiens said...

Why are you looking so sad Fifi ???

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