hello monday!
hello cuddly cardigan made for hiding away from the summer that never arrived!
is anyone else feeling the monday blues?
I've been shopping to cheer me up, can anyone guess what I bought?


platinum blonde said...

too cute :)

Zest said...

oh wow these are adorable!
LOVE it!

LEY said...

I love your red socks, fifi. hmm. i'm guessing you bought shoes!

tiffany said...

I'd like to buy this one. Will you be adding it to the shop on friday?

HANAGiE said...

did you buy shoes?
shoes always cheer me up :)

OH, hey Fifi wanna be my stylist? heehee, just kidding.

1234 said...

love the socks! so cute!

Hana said...

Ooh you're layering and wearing a mint scarf?

That must mean fall is on it's way!

Farren said...

a fluffy cardigan? <3

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