hello lovelies, hope you like my little frock, I customised it myself (and the shoes) with one of my favourite ever useless things - pom poms. they look especially good when made with different shades of wool. I found these other lush ways of using them...

sock adornments
a cute mouse

and this is a not so lush way of using them - sickos

death scarf

So anyway, onto lighter subjects, my goodness me, just look at the loveliness that is Rodarte, thanks to Kristatomic for that one (by the way isn't Kristatomic just so gorgeous looking - I especially love her hair colour, just like mine =;x)

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin


Mila said...

Beautiful! I love your drawings so much!
That collection of Rodarte is really awesome..

Thanks so much for inspiring and making beautiful and original things..


FIFI said...

thank you!

Juliet said...

beauuutiful pictures!

juliet xxx

kristen said...

I love the pom pom dress! and the Rodarte photos are lovely.

belle.chantelle said...

Oh my goshies!
Lovezz iit!

Katie Rosemary said...

This is possibly the most adorable fashion blog I've ever come across, just reading through has made me smile!
Nice to see someone else who appreciates pompoms too
Loving the backstage Rodarte photos, great collection

belle.chantelle said...

sooo...i loved it so much that I'm going to keep you permanently on my side back. You have your own personalized link, and I'll update randomly the petit lapin. I love your work!

FIFI said...

wow thank you everyone, you are so kind belle.chantelle I am off to nosy at your blog!
bunny kisses

HANNAH-ZOË said...

so cute you and your many wonderful outfits!

Kat said...

i'd love to have that drawing as a poster! very beautiful!

Gloria said...

wow, I love the look of the socks and the shoes and just the height in that photo...but it looks like it hurts a bit!

great post fifi-- (don't forget to please add me to your links :P)

ed said...


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