all about the details

Spring is on it's way and I am rejoicing in a very spring like outfit
all pale colours and lots of skin (or fur in my case)

I love Temperley because I am all about the little details.

5 little reasons to love Temperley Spring Summer 08

cloche hats

5 little reasons to love Temperley Autumn Winter 09

pom poms
fez hats

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin


dinky dot said...

wow I hadnt seen the autumn winter show yet its so lovely and the colors! It remindes me of tiny russian dolls. I think I better get making some pompoms!

love the spring time outfit

kimmy said...

Fifi you look beautiful in Temperley. It's just not fair.

Helen said...

wow i love it, so springlike and happy!

emilybee said...

love that collection!


Amelia said...

I love the kint green on you, Fifi. The details are lovely.

Amelia said...

*mint, hehe

keetee said...

You look great in green!!!I love ruffle!!

Love you^^

Lauren said...

fifi, i adore your blog! you are the most fabulous bunny i've ever seen! :)



wide open spaces said...

i adore those sandals on the model. they remind me of a version from frye that i posted about some time ago.

STEFANIE said...


Gwendolyn said...

Wow, Fifi you look lovely in your spring oufir and that autumn winter collection just looks so much fun!

-h said...

soft and pretty

Sushi said...

Wow lovely collection and so cute on fifi! x

Suparna said...

very lovely collection.

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