Happy Halloween


bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin


iffy said...

Oh my.. <3 *^^*

Marian said...

too cute!! Fifi looks adorable in Gareth Pugh!

Shilbe said...

this is fantastic, really :D

Becky! said...

ah man if it;s the last thing i do i WILL own a drawing buy you one day.. amazing ox

APrettyProblem said...

this is sooooo cute.


Iole said...

to you <3 iole

The Style Strutter said...

Fabulous as always:)!!


ғ0rgəт▬mə▬n0t, said...

oh my goshhh! (*-*)


Acai said...


Matroesjka said...

I like :D

A little bit about us..... said...
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BODIE and FOU said...

Hello Fifi

Loving your Halloween outfit! Have you got a studio in London which we can visit to choose some of your lovely prints?


Tam said...

this is so great, i love fifi lapin in gareth pugh. he is my favourite designer everrr and you rock it!

LAYNE said...

FIFI is amazing. I just added you to my blogroll however i have been a fan for forever!!!


Hermione said...

Such great work!!

Feelmore said...

Oh Fifi, you look so glamorous!

katthroatworld said...

this is awesome! =P

WalkTheSand said...




Michael Oats said...

After all this time without uploading new pictures, today I finally decided to show the last ones I took.

I hope you like it.



gifitting said...

Lovely Babe!

Giovanna ♥ said...

Adorable! So stylish!! My costume had bunny ears I made myself, love bunnies!! :)

What Rockstar Used To Be said...

Nice Blog and Awesome Illustrations...greetings from Mexico! :D

talia&lilyrose said...

I read (and see ) your blog ( and your draws ) since a long time , but I was too shy too ppost a comment , and I have to say that I just love it !This bunny is just wonderful and so stylish !
I post a fifi lapin draw on my blog today !Hope you'll enjoy it

E M I L Y said...

so, so sweet!


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