On the 21st Day of Christmas...

I wore Balenciaga!

and finally I've landed... in Argentina!! Buenos Aires to be exact. It's the first stop on my festive travels and I am so excited - and ever so slightly over heating which makes a nice change. I am staying at the Hyatt. When I arrived this morning they said there was no room in the old palace and I had to stay in the modern tower overlooking the palace. Absolutely not. So i had a little fifi strop and they gave me my room Thank God. As you know I'm a veggie so I had to have a word with the very handsome Argentinean head chef Federico who made a special menu for me. He knows how to work a carrot that's for sure! lunch has almost finished me off and I am having a little lie down on my giant bed. I've got the luxury of butler service as an early chrissie pressie from ma and pa so I might have to ring for a glass of champers. I need to celebrate I am one lucky bunny, perhaps it's the fact I have a total of 4 rabbit paws!

Here's the three other Balenciaga beauties I packed in my case

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin