whats a girl to wear?

I'd love to hear your suggestion of what to wear...


Annieytown said...

I vote for Zac Posen.
The site is adorable.
I will add it to my links later today!

Maria said...

hey! great work!

Fun, girly and sexy = wee.

Style Scout said...

I am in between Gucci or Chanel, both suit you wonderfully!!

d. chedwick bryant said...

CHANEL BUNNY! she is adorable and so stylish!

Candid Cool said...

givenchy haute couture, one of the black ones.

your illustrations are so charming.

alluretone said...

you're illustrations are very unique. look at thoes details on that gucci dress- amazing! i'd go with the zac posen dress under the michael kors trench coat with the chanel shades. do you own all these clothes?! i'd lovee to raid you're closet sometime. :)

discothequechic said...

Aw! This site is so cool!

What a great idea. Therea nothing like a cute bunn to poke fun at the superficial side at fashion!

How about a bit of neon Lanvin?

S xx

muze1990 said...

Soooo lovely <3!

Anonymous said...


Chelsamajiggy said...

Zac Posen all the way.

I have to ask ... how do you do that?

Online or by means of scanning?

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