a sneaky peek at next season...

here's me wearing 'THE' D&G dress from next season!


this week I've been mostly wearing...






hey guys, sorry I've gone a bit quiet recently, last week I came down with a bad case of the sniffles and of course my parents got all wacky and insisted I have everything fully checked out because of our history of mixamatosis (check my profile if you don't believe me) sitting in my £1500 a night suite at daddys favourite private hospital (yes I said favourite - he is such a hypocondriach that he's checked them all out!) feeling glum, bored of reading back issues of vogue and playing with my new iphone what should arrive but two surprise parcels! yes! can you believe it, two! and what was inside you ask? well two perfect creations of moi!!!

The first parcel was from Cuore and wow what a cutie I am, and check out that perfect dress!!!! isnt she so talented?

i am soooo gorgeous!

and the inside the second was this amazing likeness from sweet mango leaf, complete with two boxed outfits from Matthew Williamson and Marc Jacobs! aren't I the lucky lady!

look at all the goodies!



so, last week I did a little modelling for the new issue of small magazine (it'll be out on the 7th Dec) It was great fun, we had to go to the park and kick up the leaves and wear nice clothes - simple! The other girl in the picture is my friend Lou she does a more modelling than me (It's not a case of not getting out of bed for less than $10,000 a la Linda Evangalista - I'm just too lazy most of the time!)

p.s. This drawing is available as a print in my little boutique, along with a couple more from the shoot xx


walking the dog

oh the dilemma! do you walk the dog in what you really want to walk the dog in? (whatever you happen to be wearing at the time - even if it does happen to be 3 year old prada that you've been seen wearing at least twice) or do you have an emergency purchase of, say, Chloe or Carolina Herrera couriered over from matches just for the occasion? Well you know me, I must keep up appearances!


more goodness for the shop...

'i love to party'

'lets go outside'
'prints and pinks'

tasting rainbows


love Fifi xxx


pretty in pink

luisa beccaria

carolina herrera

you might have been wondering where i've been recently, well apart from losing sleep over the whole 'vain' comments, I've been working hard posing for loads of new pictures for my little boutique just in time for christmas, heres a few to keep you entertained!

bunny kisses


pretty in pink (and yellow) print



so anyway, over the last few days I had been thinking about how it was a bit nasty of fifi to out the sheepy fashionista and I had this comment

Anonymous said...

so what?dont be such a vain bitch your like the millionth person to dress up an animal in fashion stop flattering yourself
17 October 2007 15:38

to which

FIFI said...

ha ha!!!thats so funny, Fifi is a vain bitch, she dresses up in outfits and then has her picture taken! you can't get more vain than that!

also she is a spoilt brat - you would be too if daddy paid for whatever you wanted at the snap of a paw

also she has a bit of a problem with sheep - remember the 'sonnys cousin' incident

so you will just have to forgive her for sulking

(though the sheep being the last of 1275 in the colony because of a nuclear bomb and the fact that fifi is the last of 257 brothers and sisters who died in a mixamatosis outbreak is quite a coincidence - don't you think)

there she goes again!

no really, point taken! =;X)
18 October 2007 00:41

so I hope that clears that up!
fifi's creator


I'm back!!

well I'm back from my little holiday, I've got nice tan marks in my fur!

while I was away one of my friends J sent me this link http://minadjarot.blogspot.com/

wow J thats weird isnt it!! such a conincidence that Mina...
'is one of the 1275 in the colony, and the last ewe survived during 2033’s nuke war'
just like fifi and her brothers and sisters with the mixamatosis! and weirder still that the sheep is into fashion and numbers her outfits just like fifi and how her name is short and sweet just like Fifi!
is it a coincidence? should I be flattered?
there will always be celebrity impersonators but there will only ever be one fifi!!

p.s. heres a bit of my fave show from last season for you xxx


lovely lacoste

wrapped up warm for autumn in Lacoste!



When I was choosing a name for my little pup I very nearly named her pucci, such cute play on words - anyway it reminded me that I haven't got me some Pucci for ages so here I am looking very pleased in purple Pucci



on the top of next seasons shopping list (clockwise from top left)
Matthew Williamson, Paul Smith, Duro Olowu, Eley Kishimoto



Went to meet Sonny in London town on Saturday for the lunchtime opening of a new sushi bar (I just love a bit of raw carrot) we had to leave little Stella at home and when we got back we discovered that she had destroyed my collection of last seasons Chanel sunglasses, you know the ones that only have the shade halfway. I had 15 identical pairs to go with each of my 15 Chanel 07 outfits. I was very upset but I had a tearful telephone conversation with daddy and he said he would replace them for me - am I spoilt?? I don't think so but Stella certainly is, so I'm considering some hired help - only the best for our Stella, step in Tamar Geller, I mean if she's good enough for Oprah!

This is what we wore for the opening. Yes, for the first time I tentatively mixed my labels! I was inspired by Sonny who gets slightly disgruntled when I force him into matching outfits. I'm looking quite glam in my Paul Smith Union Jack dress and here's where it gets interesting my purse is Chanel and my espadrilles are vintage, can you believe it!

Sonny is wearing his favourite vintage RayBan's, chequered vans and a hooded top that hes had for ages. he thinks its from Abercombie and Fitch but can't be certain - he cut the label out because it was itchy.

On Sunday we went to a party to celebrate the end of London fashion week. my shopping list for next season is getting so long that it nearly crashed my new mac - so many clothes so little time! We wore Paul Smith again, its the only label that I can rely on to convince Sonny that matching outfits are not going to make us look like Posh and Becks, anyway that will never happen, Posh just doesn't have my innate sense of style!

see you next time!

Fifi xx



This week I've been wearing mostly Lela Rose
from left to right - cocktail party to celebrate the launch of london fashion week, lunch with mummy at the ritz - cucumber and carrot sandwiches with the crusts cut off, paul smith show (front row of course), hanging round the house baking my favourite carrot cupcakes and teaching Stella cute tricks


and the winner is....


I was so confused of which name to choose that in the end I wrote down all my favourites and asked her to choose!
she's all waggly tail now!
the special drawing of Stella will be winging its way to Kapcity very soon


the sweet smell of roses

I have filled my house with roses today, and very appropriately I am wearing Lela Rose. I'm doing a spot of baking - carrot cupcakes mm yummy. my little pup is watching on, you made so many great suggestions that I'm having a hard time choosing. might resort to writing them all down and calling her by all the names to see which one she comes too!

longing for next summer...

...if only so that I could get my paws on Karen Walkers spring summer 08 collection!



check out my first outfit of the new season! fair enough I'm getting a bit hot under the collar - polo necks do that don't you know! I noticed that a lot of the new seasons collections are inspired by the seventies, I feel like a right little charlies angel in this knockout outfit. watch out sonny!