Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

we don't celebrate thanksgiving over here in the UK but sometimes I wish we did. It's a great time to stop and tell your friends and family how fantastic they are - bit like a bonus christmas!

so anyway, you're all fantastic!

bunny kisses



Congratulations Luella, for winning fashion designer of the year at the British fashion awards. It's so very well deserved...
and in your honour I'm wearing a piece from the coveted 2009 spring summer collection
lucky me!

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin


In these times we are all thinking about how we can feel a bit better about shopping especially for clothing and that's why I get so darn excited about etsy.

It's like a huge ethical shopping centre and with a bit of rootling you can find some really great vintage pieces and some amazing designs from small producers and crafts people.

Every purchase gives you a glow of excitement as you think how happy you just made that shopkeeper and how happy your going to be when the postman rings the bell instead of just stuffing the bills through!

I am in the lucky position not to have to worry too much about money (Daddy's carrot and lettuce shares are still doing just about ok) but I do have friends who aren't so lucky, and being lucky doesn't stop me shopping on etsy... I do love playing personal shopper!

first up - I love the shape of this dress from Ramona West and the gorgeous button detailing, and I think it goes perfectly with the gladiator sandals... get some similar bargain ones here

This faceted labradorite ring from Catherine Chandler is a little statement for your finger, I just love that deep blue colour

for party fun I love this giant gold sequin number from persephone vintage

and this peachy coat is just waiting to be snapped up over at Allen Company Inc.

I'm waiting patiently for this 'Fontaine dress' to come back in stock.... pretty please Vain and Vapid

aren't these so cute ? I've been planning to get myself a pair of brogue type flats and these from Santoki Vintage are almost perfect

and lastly but certainly not leastly, cocotte couture has some amazing designs, here's your chance to snap up something lovely from the next generation of designers

Happy Shopping

bunny kisses
Fifi lapin



Oh Sonia, you do make me smile, who wouldn't want to wear a cuddly bunny sweater dress and bowler hat?

or an oversized 'colour of the moment' coat with skyscraper platforms?

or the sweetest short suit?


everything is so delicious!

just look at these darling brooches

I just couldn't resist posting all these lovely images, I want to be one of those girls!

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin



Here's a sneak peek from my current wardobe
(click on the image for a closer look)

but what should I wear today???

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin

p.s. for anyone who'd like one they're listed here...



I love this cute colorful collection from Tory Burch. Its perfect for a little holiday I have in mind
I'm planning a little trip to the beautiful city of Barcelona
and who better to show me around
lovely Lisa from antique and boutiques
ooh but what to choose, the vintage tour or the fashion tour
or how about a custom tour taking in the best of both with plenty of tea and cake breaks

'A&B offers an inside guide to Barcelona's boutiques, antiques and vintage stores. Small personal and tailor made tours that will guide you through the most vibrant and historical districts of the city as well as providing you with inside knowledge of the best bars and restaurants...'

sounds great doesn't it, anyone want to join me?

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin



Today, I'm feeling a little desperate for the weekend to hurry up and arrive.

I guess it's the thought of my date with Sonny, skating and cake eating at Somerset house. It's a yearly tradition with us and gets me feeling all christmassy

It's so magical with that amazing house as a backdrop and the beautiful tree swamped in twinkling lights. This year I hear that Tiffanys are putting up a giant iconic duck egg blue gift box from which they will be serving cupcakes, candy canes and gingerbread men. I didn't think it could get more perfect, how wrong was I!

So anyway all that thinking about Tiffanys got me thinking diamonds, as in a girls best friend...

only a very confident suitor would propose with this little beauty from Dior

'you rock'

I'm loving the simplicity of this Alex and Chloe necklace
and it's on sale, hurrah!

i love these but sadly they seem to be no longer available... perhaps if we ask nicely

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin

p.s. if you like todays drawing or yesterdays they're in the shop for you here and here

p.p.s. move over Agyness - could she be the next style icon? what do you think?



Last night I dreamt that I played in the snow
but then it rained so I went home

bunny kisses

p.s. the large drawings are now in the shop




I've been busy

I just completed two new drawings, would love to hear what you think...

bunny kisses

coming soon here... and here



Today I've been eating drawing and generally thinking about a lot of carrot cake...

...wearing not one...

...not two...

...but three Versace outfits (actually I just tried on the first two and splurged on the last)

I have also been checking out the lovely Tucker website...

I love the way the silver boots contrast with the pretty kimono style print

ooh bring on my 'need some sunshine or I'll get the serious blues' winter holiday

...and they've just introduced the limited edition shirt, the first one is perfectly titled 'dose of optimism' now that is something we all need!

other things I've made a note of...

an appropriate t-shirt for these hard times

banana dog to make you smile

just stunning

50 beautiful examples of tilt-shift photography (look closely they look like miniature models but they're not!)

the pink and blue project

bored at work? need to waste some time, watch some puppies!

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin

p.s. bet you wanna eat carrot cake now don't you!