Fi and the city

Never mind what the girls wore, I cleverly matched my Giles dress to the pink carpet at last nights New York premiere of Sex and the City, plus this is SO the new way to wear corsages - on the belt, think about it Pat!

ok ok heres what they wore... SJP in Bacofoil, Kirstin in chocolate foil wrapping , Kim in more bacofoil with added bacon strips and Cynthia in a wedding dress.... only jesting I think they all look great I especially love Kristins pleated gold number, it moved beautifully, all swingy with matching swingy hair!


wandering and wondering

Today I find myself wandering around the streets of Cannes whilst wondering whether anyone will take me up on my offer to star in their latest project? I mentioned it to enough people but as yet nothing. Oh well I will have to be content with my stellar role as an extremely stylish clothes horse!

p.s. hasn't Tommy Hilfiger sophisticated up his game, check out my cute little outfit!


sparkling darling

so last night I positively sparkled at the Indiana Jones after party (well who wouldn't after that much champagne!) I wore this little sequined number from Christopher Kane, the hip young thing who won young designer of the year. Sonny got very cross with me for flirting with a certain 'two lovers' star, I just can't resist those bad boy looks. Of course thats what first attracted me to Sonny (at least thats what I told him!)


painting the town red

I'm swishing up the red carpet in Cannes today so I thought I'd blend in with this cute little red number by Zac Posen.

p.s. I just had a rather interesting chat with Australian Vogue. Seems like they have noted my passion for fashion and are including me somewhere in their July issue. Keep a beady eye out for me!



Wolfgang Joop.... isn't that the coolest name you've ever heard! I'd love to hear your idea of a cool name? comments please!

well anyway, he's the creator of the brand Wunderkind, which I am sporting this very day, pretty nice huh. I really liked the whole collection actually, sort of trashy seventies yoho (thats yodeling boho to you and me). Here's the website if you wanna see more...

p.s. is it just me or have they stuck Kates head on in this Agent Provocateur ad?


summery chic

Today I've been mostly wearing Diane Von Furstenberg!

Stella is seriously looking forward to seeing this new film but frankly I think it might make my eyes bleed...

Tim Walker

Hey guys, Fifi here, well this week I am mainly going to be flicking through my new favorite book, 'Pictures' by Tim Walker. Just check out the cover. like I say every season, bunnies are always the new black! I just can't stop looking at all these inspiring images, if you haven't a clue what I'm rabbiting on about heres some more images from another fan.


stripey socks a go go

Today I'm tripping and skipping in stripey socks and a little sea green mac from Eley Kishimoto. I am so excited that my fave design duo has taken over at Cacharel. I'm not sure whether I could be described as a 'good girl come rain or shine' like their aut/win 08 collection but I am certain that I can't wait to get my paws on those cute little dresses, now just which animal head should I choose?


happy sums

A sunny day in London
+ Harrods gourmet picnic
+ extra bottle of bolly
+ St James's Park
+ Sonny Hare
= cute green playsuit and mary jane heels by Moschino


carrot shoes

hey everyone, do you think summers nearly here, well the forecast says its going to rain but the sun is shining his little heart out outside so I thought I would celebrate by wearing this sparkly blumarine mini.

This weekend I'm going to Paris with Sonny. He's plays guitar in a very cool band and has a gig in a very sweet little place off the Champs-Élysées. On Saturday he's planning on doing some record shopping. I have other ideas - First stop Colette!


p.s. Don't you just love these yummy carrot shoes, they make me wanna go right out and eat copious amounts of carrot cake.