fashion whore

morning dudes and dudettes, well the sun is shining again and all is well with the world. I've been mooching in Bottega Venetta this morning, so classy, don't you think?

Did you hear about hello kitty modeling for Christian Dior in Japanese vogue? A rival for my fashion crown perhaps? To be restricted to only one label though, really! I am such a label whore it could never be done. There are labels I love love love but to give up the others ooh la la! I heard that Stella McCartney only wears her own label, reasoning that she can just design whatever she fancies, unfortunately this self-obsession didn't extend to sun protection, but happily now she can finally wear sunglasses with the launch of her own range. I'm already on the waiting list!


A sunny welcome home!

Hello everyone, how are you all doing. well here I am home from my travels and looking forward to catching up with you all and showing off my summer wardrobe! here's the first of many, a beautifully sunny creation - its Marc by Marc Jacobs. Did you hear about old poshie spice doing the latest ads. I just can't imagine who thought of that pairing? and why is she sucking a rubber glove cladded thumb? Is this a new trend? I'll have to ask my cleaner to pop out and get me a few pairs =; x )