Today I'm wearing Chloe

Two words - COLD KNEES!

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Fifi Lapin


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends across the pond! 

To celebrate I am offering a discount for my little shop. Just enter fifilove at the checkout for 20% off! (Ends Sunday)

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Fifi Lapin


Christmas all wrapped up

If you're flying through Heathrow this Christmas season be sure to check out my charity wrapping paper. Heathrow Airport has teamed up with 4 beautiful beings; moi of course plus the very talented Daisy de Villeneuve, Clym Everden and Emily Johnston of Fashion Foie Gras to help add the finishing touches to your gifts! All donations at the Christmas wrapping stations will go to Oxfam so please give generously!


Victoria Beckham

Today I am wearing Victoria Beckham

I love this coat, it's so chic. I guess the price tag is a little out of most people's realm but I have offset that by just popping it over my undies. Judging by the runway look it was the designers vision n'all. Justified.


Giambattista Valli

Today I'm wearing Giambattista Valli

...Well only just. It took so long to put these shoes on I nearly gave up!


Cosmo by Valentino

Last Friday I wore this amazing galaxy print skirt by Matthew Williamson and it got me thinking about all the other space themed loveliness out there. I am particularly in love with the Valentino pre-fall Cosmo collection. In fact I'm starting to think that currently Valentino is my favorite designer. For example this and this and hello, this! Here I am wearing their covet-able embroidered cape. Dreamy.

Perhaps our designers have been subconsciously channeling the making of the new Star Wars movie. I'm sure this is only the beginning...

It's one small step for rabbit...
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Fifi Lapin


Matthew Williamson

Today I'm wearing Matthew Williamson AW 2015

...and if you love my look as much as I do you can buy the skirt here. A mere snip at £1530 Shhhhh don't tell Daddy!



Today I'm wearing Fendi AW2015 

This outfit is just perfect for the strangely changeable weather we've been having recently, one minute sunshine and dare I say it hot and the next chilly and foggy (Yes it's true we Brits do love to obsess about the weather) The dress also helps with the pain that is getting out of bed in the morning, I feel as if I could just stop and have a little nap just about anywhere in this get up!

Talking of obsessing I am a little enamored with Fendi's accessory collection right now. I'm like a kit in a candy shop...

Everything available on Fendi.com

Have a wonderful week Fifi fans!
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Fifi Lapin