Bunny Kisses

I'm sending you all bunny kisses because I miss you! Don't worry i will be back soon with all my glorious new outfits


French Fifi!

I love seeing where Fifi ends up!

Busy Busy Bee

hmm not sure about this Marc Jacobs ensemble, what do you think?
I'm a bit snowed under with party invitations, showroom openings and generally lounging around in the tiny bit of british sun we're getting so my postings may be a bit sporadic for a while. I'll be back soon properly though, don't fear! plus I'm still working on these widgets for you all. I've worked out the code now all i need is to work out how you make it a clickable download...zzzzzzzzzzzz


Can you help Fifi?

Hi everyone. I just made these two yummy widgets for you to put on your blogs. The one on the left links to fifi's blog and the one on the right links to fifi's etsy shop. However, I am tearing my ears out trying to work out how to add a simple button saying add to my blog via blogger. I want to make it super easy for you all by creating a button that you simply click and it adds it.

can anyone help work out the code? or know someone who can? I found this but have tried it loads of times and I just can't get it to work - HELP!


A list for next season - NEW YORK no.2

hmm am i being boring? do you just want to see me wearing outfits? I am enjoying making my lists, I cant wait to wear all these yummy clothes!

NEW YORK no.2 (click on pictures for a closer look)


A list for next season - NEW YORK no.1

The spring summer collections are only just coming into the shops and its already time for me to make a list of all the lovely outfits I want to buy next season...hmm where shall I start?

...at the beginning perhaps

NEW YORK no.1 (click on pictures for a closer look)

school days

so I was asked to model this little number. haven't set foot inside an educational institute for quite a while now and not sure I intend to anytime soon. however I hope my cuteness makes a little girl very happy indeed!


Fluffy to Slutty

So following my trip to Great Aunt Fluffy I felt I really need to let my ears down. So sod the fact its Monday I'm off out. Thought this Gucci dress would be perfect for spinning on the dance floor and the shoes make me feel a little slutty which is just perfect for my mood!

My weekend of wearing Marc

Continuing my love of Marc by Marc Jacobs I spent most of the weekend honouring his talent. this was Friday nights outfit. A new art gallery opening. The giant polystyrene carrots didn't really do it for me but they did make me ravenous so we stopped off at a darling little sushi bar (vegetarian option for me). When we came out the paparazzi had turned up. Someone must have tipped them off. I pretend to be annoyed, but secretly I was quite pleased as i haven't been papped for a while and this was the perfect outfit for it!

This was Saturdays outfit, I went to visit my great aunt who lives in a ramshackle old mansion in the countryside. She never had any kits (baby rabbit) so she ended up with lots of cats. Such a cliche! If that was me I'd have llamas or snow leopards or flamingos.

On Sunday we cycled to the local flea market. I felt it was a very Parisian thing to do so decided to wear this little ensemble. I got a wink from a boy on one of the stalls so that made me happy for about five minutes until I realised that they didn't take cards, how backwards is that!


pink sunshine

I dont know if this is a new thing but I just noticed that you can make your own etsy widget, its so cool, loads of mini me's! (scolldown and look right if you want to know what I'm twittering on about!) I have been doing some very exciting new drawings that I will be putting up soon so look out for them! until then I'll be mostly wearing Matthew Williamson xx



to honour my new geek outfit from Luella
sorry it been a long day! I've been rushed off my paws and have run out of inspiration! I'm off to drown my sorrows with a glass of carrot on the rocks see you tomorrow fi xx


Monkey love

I had my first modelling job yesterday! a nice girl asked me to model this ballgown for her. I think its very stylish, what do you think? funny because its perfect for the monkey lovers ball I was planning on going to next week! now all I need is a date...

p.s. let me know if you would like to see me in something special xx


Today I will be mostly wearing...

for me Marc Jacobs is becoming a bit hit and miss. A few years ago I would have been lusting after every single outfit but lately his collections have become very unpredicatble. for instance I am finding it very hard to appreciate his main Marc Jacobs line this season. However in my far apart eyes he is redeemed by his Marc by Marc Jacobs line which saw a return to form. So many gorgeous outfits I just can't decide which!
I've popped a few in the shop so you can share them too!