this week I've been mostly wearing...






hey guys, sorry I've gone a bit quiet recently, last week I came down with a bad case of the sniffles and of course my parents got all wacky and insisted I have everything fully checked out because of our history of mixamatosis (check my profile if you don't believe me) sitting in my £1500 a night suite at daddys favourite private hospital (yes I said favourite - he is such a hypocondriach that he's checked them all out!) feeling glum, bored of reading back issues of vogue and playing with my new iphone what should arrive but two surprise parcels! yes! can you believe it, two! and what was inside you ask? well two perfect creations of moi!!!

The first parcel was from Cuore and wow what a cutie I am, and check out that perfect dress!!!! isnt she so talented?

i am soooo gorgeous!

and the inside the second was this amazing likeness from sweet mango leaf, complete with two boxed outfits from Matthew Williamson and Marc Jacobs! aren't I the lucky lady!

look at all the goodies!



so, last week I did a little modelling for the new issue of small magazine (it'll be out on the 7th Dec) It was great fun, we had to go to the park and kick up the leaves and wear nice clothes - simple! The other girl in the picture is my friend Lou she does a more modelling than me (It's not a case of not getting out of bed for less than $10,000 a la Linda Evangalista - I'm just too lazy most of the time!)

p.s. This drawing is available as a print in my little boutique, along with a couple more from the shoot xx


walking the dog

oh the dilemma! do you walk the dog in what you really want to walk the dog in? (whatever you happen to be wearing at the time - even if it does happen to be 3 year old prada that you've been seen wearing at least twice) or do you have an emergency purchase of, say, Chloe or Carolina Herrera couriered over from matches just for the occasion? Well you know me, I must keep up appearances!


more goodness for the shop...

'i love to party'

'lets go outside'
'prints and pinks'

tasting rainbows


love Fifi xxx