Ruby's sneaky peek

Hello, everyone. Ruby here. I'm acting as guest blogger today, Fifi has been called away. As far as I can tell it's nothing too drastic (probably some sort of dress emergency ;-) but anyway I'm sure she will fill you all in next week.

So I'm a little nervous about my first spot, I mean I've been really enjoying posting on my own blog but over here you literally have to post yourself! I've raided Fifi's wardrobe (that was one of the conditions of doing this today) and chosen a lovely J Mendel chiffon dress. I think it's so nice you could even use this to get married in - I can but dream. I went with my favorite pair of vintage red heels, I think they set it off nicely. I'm a bit of a vintage girl and am quite good at ferreting out some good stuff. I'll put some tip offs on my blog soon of where the best places to shop for vintage are.

Today I am also very excited to announce Fifi's collaboration with LeSportSac. It's her first bag collection and I'm really proud of her, they're not out until March but here's a sneaky peek...

There are three prints, here's 'Dress Up' shown on a field trip duffle bag

next is 'Fifi in the Sky' with Fifi sleeping between clouds, patterned raindrops and lightning bolts. shown here on the go satchel.

and finally we have 'Sweethearts' which shows Fifi and her boy Sonny Hare on some romantic dates around the world. I can't wait to get my paws on this snack sac for my Tuna fish sandwiches.

There are 9 bag shapes in each collection and they will have a staggered release. I'm sure Fifi will let you know nearer the time when they come out

have a really great weekend

kitty kisses
Ruby Gatta


kissy kissy

Just in time for valentines day my favorite photographer Tim Walker has shot this smoochy ad for Aquascutum... not a bad days work!

back tomorrow with my friday frock
bunny kisses
Fifi lapin


it's a small world after all

A while ago I was featured in Little Thing Magazine a quirky fashion magazine from China and I've finally got my sticky little paws on a couple of copies. I am so pleased with how my article came out and I'm even more pleased because they have just asked me to do another feature, hooray!

I was featured in the 'little stylist' spot featuring some of my faves from the aut/win season
here's a closer look at some of the outfits on this page...

Sonia Rykiel

Tory Burch

Dolce and Gabbanna

Moschino cheap and chic

...and another double page with a little interview and more lovely things...

Marc by Marc Jacobs






and here's a feel of the rest of the magazine...

love this Tim Walker inspired shot and was happy to discover designer Jamie Hayon. His website is very cool, there is so much to look at, check it out here...

I have fallen in love with this Iris Van Herpen dress and aren't these illustrations for natural remedies cute?

I'll post an copy of the interview in english very soon for you to have a nosy at

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin

p.s. as always you can click on the pictures for a closer look


dreaming of haute couture

"it's our job to make people dream"
John Galliano

...and I'm certainly dreaming. Daddy can afford the odd spot of couture for me but not the whole collection! I want to be transformed my fair lady style and taken to the races. That reminds me I wonder if Ruby has remembered to include this classic on her fave movies list? I must remind her.

see the whole Christian Dior couture collection here

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin

p.s. for any email subscribers who haven't visited the site for a while, come and have a look. I've had a little spruce up!



Hi everyone, how are you all doing? I'm really really happy to introduce you to my closest friend, Ruby, Ruby Gatta (which I don't need to tell you clever lot is cat in Italian) yes a rabbit and a cat being best friends is pretty unusual but I am pretty unusual so you shouldn't be surprised really!

We grew up together and have been the best of friends since I can remember. Our mums and grandmothers were best friends before us so really we're just carrying on a good old family tradition. Ruby is descended from very old Italian roots so along with being able to make the best pasta sauce you've ever tasted she also has the stylish gene - just like me! Unlike me she's not such a label hoar and is definitely less of a show off! That's why it's taken me so long to drag her on here and there's no going back now. She's hooked on my site and has now started her own all about design, art, interiors and other lovely things...

by the way, did you notice? Ruby and I have got our paws on some spring summer Chloe... I am so excited, even though it's still only January I feel as if spring is just around the corner just waiting for us to come and play!

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin (and Ruby Gatta!)



new collections at topshop
guaranteed to lift our credit crunched pockets
see more here


adorable wearable inspiration

adorable wearable inspiration from the Aut/Win 09 pre fall collections

It's all about the little red dress at Nicole Miller

I love the stripes under a simple shift at Tory Burch

bright shorts at Matthew Williamson

and peachy plaid at Sonia Rykiel

looks like opaque black tights are going to run and run!

see more at WWD

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin


An historic day...

...and I was there!
Here's my 'Where's Wally' moment!

Brrrr it was chilly, atmosphere was great though obviously and Barack is so cute!

I had a few options for the inauguration ball. On Monday I had finally decided on Marchessa spring summer 09. Not a difficult choice, I mean just check these beauties out...

I decided this one was just too short

and even though I like the black and white theme on this one it was a little too flouncy for me

In the end I plumped for this gold embroidered white gown. It seems I was having the same white moment as Michelle Obama, didn't she look stunning?

Stella was obviously feeling a little shy for the photo. look she's sitting on my dress!
Her red, white and blue collar looks pretty smart. I had it specially made for the occasion.

the world is a more hopeful place this morning!

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin


i need a hug

i need a hug!

Ho hum, A new year means a new start right? wrong! everything seems to be going haywire with me, perhaps I broke a mirror on new years day or something because I am having the worst luck! I am having a more than a few technical issues behind the scenes of the shop which means I won't be able to send out any orders until the beginning of February. The shop still works fine if you don't mind waiting but huge apologies to anyone who needs a Fifi fix right now!

I also have no internet connection which doesn't help, it seems not even society rabbits can get their internet fixed on demand... and that means less postings.... eeek!

anyway enough of my moaning lets console ourselves with some nice things

desperately sweet chopstick holders

mushroom fun

lets all make love (pillows)

if you haven't you really should watch

a pretty top and a quirky watch

and I'll leave you with some gorgeous photography from the very talented Anna Wolf

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin



Wow, The wind is biting today, lucky I've got my Luella ensemble to keep my chops toasty warm. These gorgeous shoes aren't too practical though, I nearly took a tumble as I ran for the bus today, whoops!

A couple of nice things happened today, firstly I received two issues of little thing magazine all the way from China (thanks Timmy). I've been featured right in the centre spread with a little interview and lots of pics, I'll scan it in soon so you can all see.

And secondly a little collab with Little Fashion Gallery came out. A gorgeous online store selling designer togs for sprogs - I needed that when I was little! I'm in their latest fashion book you can take a closer look here... (I'm a few pages in)

keep smiling!
bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin



Hello all, long time no see! well I hope you all had a truly scrumptious Christmas and New Year, mine was rather fun and festive we had all the family at my parents house in the country (I discovered cousins I didn't know existed!) we had a huge roast carrot from Mr Magregors organic orchard inc. Dad bought it at the Christmas fete after it won the largest vegetable growing competition and it was as tasty as it was massive! we had the usual family arguments, mum embarrassed me in front of Sonny by showing him the whole family album complete with nuddy pics of me as a kid (cue lots of rolling eyes) and Granny got drunk and embarrassed us in front of the neighbours who had popped in for an eggnog. pretty normal all in all.

For New Year I went ski-ing with my family and my best friend Ruby's family. Our families have been friends for generations so it was great fun, I'll see if I can get some pics for you to see soon... though they will definitely be filtered, there are far to many of me on my bum - legs in the air!

I'm really getting excited about the new Spring Summer collections and some has even started to seep into my wardrobe thanks to all the ordering I did at the shows last season but it's just too cold as yet to start wearing any so I've been consoling myself with a whole load of autumn winter Luella. I've decided to kick start my blogging with a week of Luella and if you'd like to join in here's a few sale items that might tempt you! ...my darling dress is even there!