Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Hey guys,
it's closing day for my little shop tomorrow and I am also going to take a little break from blogging for a couple of weeks, I'll be back in the new year though full of bounce with all my latest outfits, inspiration and more!

Merry Christmas everyone

hugs and carrots
Fifi lapin

p.s. any orders taken up until I close the store will be delivered as per usual so if you want some fifi get your skates on!



Hey everyone,
so my computer is driving me crazy - well more specifically it's my internet connection. Grrr. the problem is there is none. simple as that and so I have to sit in the internet shop facing the high chance I will get a cold from all the sneezers I seem to be sitting with. wish me luck. I hate the sniffles. anyway that means that I can't show you as many of my new outfits as I would like because I simply don't have the means. and that makes me sad =:'x(

so I apologise for the lack of posts in the coming days, I'll still be checking on my shop orders every day and getting them out to he post office asap so no worries there...

I'll leave you with todays outfit
(if you could see me you wouldn't see it because sadly it's hidden under a giant coat... and you wouldn't see Stella either because she's sitting on my lap shivering it's so cold in here)
bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin


deck the halls!

it's party season and though I have been rockin around the christmas tree in these festive red tights from Jasmine De Milo I can't wait to put on my very special Christian Dior couture frock and spin around the dance floor with my favourite long eared friend!


fifi chic

I blew my budget on this Moschino outfit which I LOVE though can't help wishing I could do my fur like that!

so I justified my shopping by perusing the diffusion line Cheap and Chic to get myself some cheaper and chic!

tally ho!

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin



Ok I admit it. I wonder if they might be able to help me over at AA - I can just picture it 
"Hi I'm Fifi and I'm addicted to Sonia Rykiel"

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin


mistaken identity

I've been hanging out with my pup Stella today, first we went for a very blustery walk in St James Park and down the mall to admire Buckingham Palace. I was wearing my latest from D&G and a couple of tourists got very over excited and asked to take my picture, I was shocked that they knew little old me and thought that maybe they were fans of my blog but it later transpired that they had mistaken me for someone else. can't think who!

So after lunch (and after Stella got over being mistaken for a corgi) I slipped into something a little less conspicuous (Lacoste) to meet Sonny and my friend Ruby for a spot of lunch - note the coloured tights, I took my own advice from yesterday! 

and to round off the day we met my parents for dinner - we both looked very sophisticated in Chanel don't you think? Stella was treated like an absolute star and was even aloud to sit at the table - I think they thought she was yet another celebrity!

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin


tights please

If there's one tip I can give you for this winter it's tights...  it's amazing how you can wear incredibly short things and get away with it without looking slutty with a good old pair of tights. These coloured ones at Martin Grant are the also bang on trend so you can be warm and smug (as opposed to snug!)

or if you're feeling hot - or lucky enough to live somewhere that isn't bloomin freezing you could always go for sock chic as seen at Malandrino

though Sonny would always vote for these thigh high beauts any day - very foxy and a whole lot comfier than my last Sinha Stanic outfit!

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin


Christmas is a comin

My Christmas cheer comes a little earlier than others... not only do I just love Christmas and get totally over excited much earlier than anyone else (cue Sonny rolling his eyes!) I also have a little shop to run which relies on the Christmas postman (or as I like to think of him - Santa)

So now I have to go all sensible and tell anyone who lives in the USA (and some other international destinations) that this Wednesday is the deadline for me to post in time for Christmas and for anyone who lives in Europe Friday is your day

So if you're planning to give a little festive Fifi cheer get your orders in quick!

and for anyone who like little old me lives in Britain it's not till the 20th December so you can relax!

So that's the boring bit over, onto more exciting things... if you're lucky enough to get your paws on the Christmas issue of Milk Magazine you can have your very own Fifi and Sonny Christmas card showing the fun that Sonny and I got up to the last time it snowed. We were so excited, like being a kid again, just building snowrabbits and having snowball fights. I do wish we had more of the white stuff it just makes things so magical. Here are some more magical icy moments from some of my Flickr faves...

1. Crystal World, 2. you do not belong here anymore, 3. reflections (A), 4. Tracy Arm Glacier, 5. first snow, 6. Untitled, 7. Untitled, 8. fantastic fox...., 9. what the snoman learned about love, 10. 51*366/Each One Unique..., 11. Luz dorada, 12. 4, 13. Untitled, 14. a door in the floor, 15. Tombe la neige......, 16. Untitled

it's amazing what a little snow can do for the spirits, just check out that fox.

Oh I almost forgot I have some new cute postcard packs in the shop, I'm really pleased with how they came out so have a little peek and let me know what you think

have a great Monday

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin


no. 32233

it really is worth signing
I'm there
handmade is so much more thoughtful
here's some things on my list

gorgeous gloves to warm friends paws
an egg to care for
a cloud to dream on
a frame in which to put my love
a present for him too
and one for me!

though realistically you know what I'll be giving
=; x )

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin

p.s. I've been mostly...

feeling a bit scratchy in Sinha Stanic

and shimmying in Sue Stemp




I have been busy creating some pretty pictures of moi just for you!

a quick word on Christmas shipping (I am so excited about Christmas!!)
remember that you need to leave some time for your items to get to you because I am posting from the UK. All the info you need is over here...

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin


M is for Mmmmm

M is for...

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin

p.s. for any interested parties my drawings are available here



All weekend I've been wearing Marc by Marc Jacobs
he is a genius!
They are the most perfect outfits to make you look effortlessly cool in front of some 'friends' you know, the ones that you haven't seen for ages, since you were knee high, since they were in the cool gang and you were just on the edge, since you joined facebook and they made you a 'friend' even though you only knew them to say hello too and your a bit nervous about it but wearing something fantastic just makes it all ok because it makes you feel just a little bit better.
well this is that collection!

thank you Marc

more goodness from Mr Jacobs here

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin