Did you know that roller disco is back in a big way here in London, I managed not to make too much of a fool of myself - well in the club anyway, it was the odd looks I got on the way home that surprised me but I couldn't help myself, I just love the feel of the wind in my ears.


these boots are made...

so anyway at the weekend I was invited to a fancy dress ball which was great because it fitted right in with my slave to vintage theme this week and I'm saving my aut/winter Luella for halloween! I arrived in this cute little tomato number but Sonny thought it was very funny to shout squashed tomato meaning everyone would literally pile on me - some boyfriend he is! hmph I am still not speaking to him, anyway so I had to change into my second outfit of the evening quicker than expected; sixties sunflower girl and I ripped up the dance floor to these boots are made for walking by Nancy Sinatra. I had forgotten how great that song is!


sixties go go girl

"me and the twigmeister, we're like that*"
*insert crossed fingers

p.s. check out my vintage fendi bag mmmmm sugar pink - like candy!


follow the vogue paved road

Hey guys, sorry I've been away a few days. I got completely sidetracked getting my orders in for next seasons collections, I've even been wearing a few already! If your lucky enough to get your paws on a copy of Vogue Girl Korea you can spot me in some of next seasons best along with a few fashion tips from yours truly! ooh it makes me giddy with excitement just to walk the vogue paved road - onwards and upwards to British Vogue eh!

Todays look has that seventies back to school vibe. I have a real affection for socks at the moment - must be our unpredictable British weather, its shining its little heart out right now but who knows what will happen later on and I can't have cold paws now can I?


lovely in lavender

The trouble with some vintage is the smell. I had to have this fifties prom dress cleaned no less that seven times before it let go of its 'lost in the back of ancient grandmothers wardrobe for fifty years' smell. At least I can wear it now without Sonny mentioning lavender and mothballs!


seventies chic

These heart shaped glasses were my mothers in the seventies, they seem to making a big comeback as I've seen all sorts of celebs wearing them. The dungaree dress was also hers, makes me look about twelve but it's kinda fun. The boots weren't hers, she was more of a barefoot hippy type. I got these an age ago from portobello market, I have quite a few pairs of cowboy boots but these are definitely the most comfortable, that makes me think they have been worn a lot which makes me feel a little bit queasy - I shall try not to think about that any more!


it's vintage daaaaaarling

bit of a change for me this week, inspired by 'wardrobe remix' addicts I'm wearing vintage darling! 1950's today to be exact, I'm not sure about this top though, it's a wee bit itchy


Dear Coco

Did you know that they are making a film about Coco Chanel; Coco Avant Chanel? It will star Audrey Tatou as Coco and is going to focus on her childhood and early years, I can't wait! I think Audrey is pretty perfect for the role. There was talk of Demi Moore imagine that! she is great but much to Hollywood!

Did you also hear that Karl Lagerfeld is designing homes? I am sooooo excited, I must ask Daddy for one for christmas, it will be like the icing on the cake of my Chanel collection! check out this description, I was born to live (and party) there...

'Wouldn't it be amazing if there was a paradise island where fashionistas could gather and exude fabulousness together? Where famous designers could throw amazing parties and put on fashion shows exclusively for the island's residents, who live in couture villas with private beaches just steps from the best boutiques in the world? It sounds too good to be true, but it's not: Isla Moda is that fashion paradise. It's under construction in Dubai, natch, and Karl Lagerfeld is the first fashion designer to sign on to design a few "limited edition" homes there. He says in a press release:
"Dubai is a fashion bud on the verge of blossoming into the next fashion hub of the world … Isla Moda has tremendous potential to be the style icon of the future and I intend on driving the island to high style stardom," he added.
That "tremendous potential" includes a "style concierge" available to residents of Isla Moda for clothes, fragrances, and makeovers (there's also a design one to help you with your home-furnishing and decorating needs).'

Oh my God I think I'm going to faint!
bunny kisses

p.s. I am going to be updating the shop today rather than tomorrow as I'm going to be away... but dont worry I'll be back monday with your Fifi fix!


to which I replied...

ha ha Lily Allen makes me laugh, belting out her latest number whilst smokin a ciggie, the two don't tend to go hand in hand unless your looking for a howlin wolf sound - which might not be so bad! check out her ear-rings too, nice of her to co-ordinate with my chanel week!


starry eyed

ok so I thought I'd complete the set and get a myspace page too, hopefully I will have more than just Tom as a friend sometime soon!

so today I have been carrying on my mission to wear Chanel, not a hard mission believe me! check out my lovely all in one starry patterned playsuit....

I've just finished an interview with VogueGirl Korea so if you are lucky enough to get your paws on a copy look out for me and you'll get a sneaky peak at me in the autumn winter collections.

well byesey bye for now, I'm off to do some social networking

bunny kisses


I heart Chanel

this was definitely one of my favourite collections from spring summer
bunny kisses


For anyone who's interested but not for anyone who's not interested!

Hey guys!
Anyone who wants to get their paws on some of me I just had a shop update here...
oh and yeah, I finally got sucked in and joined facebook, everyones doing it you know! if you want you can be my friend here...
bunny kisses

can't wait to get my paws on...

Givenchy Aut~Win 08/09 couture

Christian Dior Aut~Win 08/09 couture

I've been browsing the couture collections (just been so busy this week that I haven't had time to get to the front row but I have my trusty friend Lou there reporting on everything for me) I noticed a head to toe colour trend going on and can't wait to get my paws on some lovelyness from Dior and Givenchy, check it out...

life is like a box of designer chocolates

mmm yummy, now do I choose the golf foil wrapped on or the one with the cherry on top?


A 'pro' at getting all dressed up

wow, so many lovely clothes, so little time to wear them. I've had to pack out my diary with engagements and become the ultimate social butterfly just so that I can get them all into one day. Sonny thinks I'm mad of course, he says I spend more time getting ready than actually living my life. Its like one of those surveys, you know the ones - in a lifetime how many years do you spend sleeping/watching tv/sitting on the loo etc etc? well anyway I reckon its worth it, I haven't looked this good since, well yesterday actually!

bunny kisses