Busy Busy Bee

hmm not sure about this Marc Jacobs ensemble, what do you think?
I'm a bit snowed under with party invitations, showroom openings and generally lounging around in the tiny bit of british sun we're getting so my postings may be a bit sporadic for a while. I'll be back soon properly though, don't fear! plus I'm still working on these widgets for you all. I've worked out the code now all i need is to work out how you make it a clickable download...zzzzzzzzzzzz


Jennifer said...

I like the shades of gray in this illustration. It's really nice!

e said...

the outfit look much nicer on you than it does on the model :-)

fashionnerd said...

i like it!

suggestion - perhaps something from merci beaucoup for fifi? ;)

Isabel said...

It looks better on Fifi than it does on the model!

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