Can you help Fifi?

Hi everyone. I just made these two yummy widgets for you to put on your blogs. The one on the left links to fifi's blog and the one on the right links to fifi's etsy shop. However, I am tearing my ears out trying to work out how to add a simple button saying add to my blog via blogger. I want to make it super easy for you all by creating a button that you simply click and it adds it.

can anyone help work out the code? or know someone who can? I found this but have tried it loads of times and I just can't get it to work - HELP!


Cool Like Chloe said...

fifi im sorry i cant help you cause im having the same problem! good luck though ill be the first to put one of those up. I love your site! do you mind adding me in your fav blogs section - you dont have to but id appreciate it if you visited my site! thanks! ♥

LSC said...

I adore your blog, and watching Fifi try different outfits! I just added the image and some code to link back to Fifi; if you'd like, take a look: www.shopalicious.com

(I can email you the code if you like?)

Would you be interested in adding Shopalicious! to your links?

Letty said...

Hi Fifi,
You can make the 2 buttons, and people just right-click and save these buttons on their computer. Then you give the 2 urls that belong to the buttons, so when they put your button on their website, they include your url to this button (picture). Hope this helps?
It is just the same as putting a link to a word.


the lipstick lady said...

oh dear, I'm no good at technical stuff, but if somebody figures out how to do it I'd be more than happy to add one to my blog!

LSC said...


For some reason, Blogger doesn't like html here in the comments box, but if you email me at shopaliciousgirl@gmail.com, I'll reply with the html...

TokyoBunnie said...

Yay! I LOVE fifi lapin, and just added you to my links!<3

Jennifer said...

Oh fifi! You're blog is so adorable. I just saw you featured on the ASAP-design blog from a while back. Good Deal!

natty. said...

I'm sorry I can't help you, as I am HTML-code challenged, but once you get it all worked out, I will be adding your widget! Because I adore your blog! I added it to my blog as a favorite.

Miss V. said...

Aww, they are so cute! Sorry I can't help you out with the codes, I'm not an expert I'm afraid.

maggienikole said...

i'd love to add your widget, but i have no idea how to actually add the button. am going to try letty's advice. the buttons are so cute!

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