French Fifi!

I love seeing where Fifi ends up!


Sebastien said...

How wonderful! I love your creations, just discovered your blog through Gatochy's blog...

Jennifer said...

Excellent! I wish I knew French but I took German in college.

maya said...

well her name is french so it really fits.

alluretone said...

i have no idea what that said, but sounds wonderful :) i love the temperley dress on the sidebar.

Namu said...

i recently wrote an article about Fifi on my Japanese blog. ^_^ (maybe Fifi can try wearing some Japanese labels next time??)

KIM said...

hey fifi i'm kim hou , and i bought the fifi wears in anna sui IT'S THE NUMBER 44...
now i receive the drawing ... AND I'M SO HAPPY...
thanks so much
and i will draw for you a drawing...
lot of love

Maddy said...

I have become addicted & have 2 Fifi's. They are framed & take pride of place in my new office space. We at Lapin & Me adore Lapin's but fifi is fab! What an inspiration XXX

ed said...


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