Today I will be mostly wearing...

for me Marc Jacobs is becoming a bit hit and miss. A few years ago I would have been lusting after every single outfit but lately his collections have become very unpredicatble. for instance I am finding it very hard to appreciate his main Marc Jacobs line this season. However in my far apart eyes he is redeemed by his Marc by Marc Jacobs line which saw a return to form. So many gorgeous outfits I just can't decide which!
I've popped a few in the shop so you can share them too!


Anna said...

Oh Fifi - I love your outfits today!! How do you fit in all the wardrobe changes in your day and do you have a porter with you at all times to carry all of your outfits oh and what do you carry your outfits in? Is it Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton??

Mais qui est Mzelle-Fraise? said...

Hi Fifi! I discovered you thanks to Garance, and I really enjoy your blog! and of course, your sense of fashion! see you!

Jennifer said...


You have so many wonderful clothes!

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