today i am feeling rather serene in my 60's inspired chloe minidress and matching eyeshadow. I am back in my fathers good books and back to pestering him for a puppy. I think some of you may have heard me talk about my longing for a little furry friend and its about time I was allowed one - as well as a louis vuitton sac chien and suhali leather collar mmm yum!

I'd quite like one like this
or maybe this
or this! awwww sooooo sweet!


e said...

i love your eyeshadow! so delicate!

Mrs Fashion said...

Adorable eyeshadow and such a winsome look...
Mrs F x

Portillon said...

just lovely.

Candid Cool said...

the eyes are just perfect

Lalalisasa said...

First comment: I can't resist, this illustration is adorable, it's "mine" since 5 minutes...Thank you!

Mais qui est Mzelle-Fraise? said...

You are really gorgeous Fifi!

maya said...

you loo kso pretty in that dress!
my favourite puppy is the 3rd one

Sawchuk said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
maggienikole said...

love the eyeshadow too!

rettchen said...

Dear fifi. do you know little miss luzifer? Maybe there are some of your alleged dead brothers and sister? Maybe your parents just didn't tell you about it, because they are all an the dark side right now!?

ariaddna said...

haha funny rabbits!
i felt in love

-ciao bella- said...

absolutely amazing! love it! xx

fifi said...

Soo pretty, miss fifi rabbit.
I am going to try some of that pretty eye stuff, from fifi fish.

JOIE DE MODE said...

Ceci est adorable! :)

elizabeth said...

hello lovely! do you have a contact email address? please get in touch : elizabeth (at) dawanda (dot) com : )

Thea said...

when are you updating! fifi always looks terribly cute and royally spoilt. xoxoxo

Moose on the Loose said...

The dress and the eyeshadow are a fabulous combo. Good luck getting a puppy!

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Anonymous said...

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