so, last week I did a little modelling for the new issue of small magazine (it'll be out on the 7th Dec) It was great fun, we had to go to the park and kick up the leaves and wear nice clothes - simple! The other girl in the picture is my friend Lou she does a more modelling than me (It's not a case of not getting out of bed for less than $10,000 a la Linda Evangalista - I'm just too lazy most of the time!)

p.s. This drawing is available as a print in my little boutique, along with a couple more from the shoot xx


lalaliu said...

I am totally in LOVE with your fashion drawings. Oh man, they are so absolutely adorable!! You are so talented and if I were made of riches I would decorate my room with all your prints! Would you like to exchange links?

-luv, lala

the red monster said...

i am currently away on break from my blog (see blog to find out y) but i had had had to check out your blog! your an amazing artist still lol i think you've gotten better inpossable to believe ik

Andy said...

ooooo..when i saw this draw ,i can't help my self to do this... oHHHHH!!!. sooo cute..


how can i buy your drawings??

FIFI said...

thanks for all your lovely comments!
Fabuloosa<3 you can buy a print of this in my shop...
bunny kisses to you all

Vain and Vapid said...

Totally adorable! Who are you wearing? :)

luxe luthor said...

Fifi- I adore your blog- its one of my faves! Post more :)

Flor de Côr said...

Adorei as ideias brilhantes. Parabéns. Visita-me em: http://florcor.blogspot.com
Bom trabalho, Flor Gomes

Katrine K said...

These are the cutest fashion drawings I`ve ever seen!

Vicki said...

I love it with detail of the leaves, you should do a bit more scene-setting more often! Sweet squirrel too.

Sophie C. said...

I just posted on my blog an article on fifi.
Keep up the good work!

Andy said...

Really cute. your drawings are awesome i really like the idea and everything is so nice! really good job. xxx

ed said...







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