walking the dog

oh the dilemma! do you walk the dog in what you really want to walk the dog in? (whatever you happen to be wearing at the time - even if it does happen to be 3 year old prada that you've been seen wearing at least twice) or do you have an emergency purchase of, say, Chloe or Carolina Herrera couriered over from matches just for the occasion? Well you know me, I must keep up appearances!


G wonderland said...

i would, but you are the "Fifi."
Make the emergency purchase!!!
love that C.H. outfit!

kat heyes said...

i want a stella! ...tag you're it!

fifi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fifi said...

♥(from another fifi!)

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Orange is just your colour, so good job on the Chloe :)

Candid Cool said...

chic, especially the 2nd

cruststation said...

I love this series!

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