summery chic

Today I've been mostly wearing Diane Von Furstenberg!

Stella is seriously looking forward to seeing this new film but frankly I think it might make my eyes bleed...


caroline said...

beautiful! i ordered this on etsy and am so excited to receive it! thank you so much :)

Anonymous said...

i think it is so cool and summery can i ask u a question, when do u update ur website

Adge said...

DVF makes such expertly pretty summer dresses. I love the painterly floral pattern on this dress.

FIFI said...

hey guys!
in answer to your question 'anonymous' I try to update as much as I can but there is no fixed time. whenever I make a diary entry I usually add an artwork to the shop.
I'm working on some new pieces at the mo so there should be some prints in the shop soon as well

AlicePleasance said...

That's gorgeous!

ed said...








Bianca B. said...

Hi Fifi,
..the DVF summery dress worn in may of 2008 is so beautiful!...i just love to look at previous blogs.
Bianca B.

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