Fi and the city

Never mind what the girls wore, I cleverly matched my Giles dress to the pink carpet at last nights New York premiere of Sex and the City, plus this is SO the new way to wear corsages - on the belt, think about it Pat!

ok ok heres what they wore... SJP in Bacofoil, Kirstin in chocolate foil wrapping , Kim in more bacofoil with added bacon strips and Cynthia in a wedding dress.... only jesting I think they all look great I especially love Kristins pleated gold number, it moved beautifully, all swingy with matching swingy hair!


Jessica N. Condatore said...

so cute! can i buy this one? jessica@thelovelist.net

Elisabeth said...

Aw, very sweet - and kudos to you for matching the pink carpet!

Shelli said...

aw fifi you look waaay more fabulous than those girls anyday! hehe!


tiffany said...

I'd like to buy one of these also. I've been waiting for you to do a pink onr to match my little girl's room. Will you be putting some things in the etsy shop soon?

Chantal said...

:( I can't believe I missed this one. I always check first thing when I wake up.

How was the movie Fifi? I wasn't lucky enough to go to the premier but I'm going in exactly 24hours when it's officially open to the public.

kapcity said...

you know I was in a cab last evening going past radio city and thought I saw you on the red carpet....loved the dress..very new york sex chic.

Lady Melbourne said...

Before I even scrolled down I thought, 'Wow, how SJP!'
Lovely as usual!

Anonymous said...

hey! This is really interesting! I was wondering if you could explain this to me a bit, I'm a tad bit confused. :} Did you design all those?

green tea in teacups said...

That pink dress is just so lovely and girly!
I love it all!!

peste demode said...

On aime. On te met en lien.


Les pestes.

Kasix said...

I love your drawings! nice idea, very nice done :D

lou said...

I love I love !!!
Is so cut!!!

*emilie* said...

aw FiFi you look so cute in this dress !

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