sparkling darling

so last night I positively sparkled at the Indiana Jones after party (well who wouldn't after that much champagne!) I wore this little sequined number from Christopher Kane, the hip young thing who won young designer of the year. Sonny got very cross with me for flirting with a certain 'two lovers' star, I just can't resist those bad boy looks. Of course thats what first attracted me to Sonny (at least thats what I told him!)


Kat said...

your art is just great, i love every single piece!

Grace said...

daring! i love it!

joyce said...

simply elegant! i can't help but flirt for those bad boys either!

danica said...


st. evita said...

sooo lovely!! the blue shoes are especially cute!

-YaNniNA CaSsEtTe- said...

wow your blog is soooo cute, congratulations, is sooo beautifull, im form mexico, hi hi hi.

Elisabeth said...


Jessica N. Condatore said...

darling, just darling. I'm interested to know when Fifi will be re-stocking her store :)

Paris said...

I love Christopher Kane and this dress really seals the deal for me

zoe ♥ said...

wow you look amazing fifi.


ed said...


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