stripey socks a go go

Today I'm tripping and skipping in stripey socks and a little sea green mac from Eley Kishimoto. I am so excited that my fave design duo has taken over at Cacharel. I'm not sure whether I could be described as a 'good girl come rain or shine' like their aut/win 08 collection but I am certain that I can't wait to get my paws on those cute little dresses, now just which animal head should I choose?


Elisabeth said...

That colour really suits you!

Julia said...

oooo cuteness, I wish I was wearing this outfit right now.

laureilly1990 said...

hey, i linked you on my blog. love the concept :)

Shelli said...

oh im just sooo very happy to see you back! your outfit is divine!

xo ~shells


danica said...

I love this outfit!

boutiqueusagi said...

I wrote about your work in my blog. I hope it's ok for you.....

t.miyashiro said...

glad you are back fifi! I just love the black and white with the aqua!

breezeswind said...

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popwheel said...

I love the stripey socks. I hope everyone is wearing them this year!!!

Happy to see you back!

Lady Melbourne said...

I love, love, love Cacharel, that outfit is just gorgeous!

talktothewind said...

lovely outfit and lovely work!!!

ed said...









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