wandering and wondering

Today I find myself wandering around the streets of Cannes whilst wondering whether anyone will take me up on my offer to star in their latest project? I mentioned it to enough people but as yet nothing. Oh well I will have to be content with my stellar role as an extremely stylish clothes horse!

p.s. hasn't Tommy Hilfiger sophisticated up his game, check out my cute little outfit!


Elisabeth said...

Cutest hat I have seen all day!

Lady Melbourne said...

Oh Fifi I love black and white, I'm obessed with it! This is just divine.

annabananna said...

fifi, darling as ever!love your hat. and yes, tommy really vamped it up

Anonymous said...

hi its me i wanna say that i luv ur bunnies and that i doodle them at school everywhere ive even started a thing called vogue bunnies but all with ur credit + i dont sell it

carly age 8
i luv u fifi

Sonadora Mary said...

Oh, now Tommy is really not doing so well these days. He just doesn't know what he's missing.

karla said...

that's so cute!

Alya said...

Hilfiger did step up.. nice outfit pick ;)

Adge said...

very cute, and the black and white is a nice combination. And I've also noticed how Tommy Hilfiger has upped his game over the past couple of years, and I must say i'm impressed.


cutest thing i have ever seen<3

Ashley L. said...

oh my goodness! i love your blog and your bunnies! this is my first visit but it surely won't be my last! would you be interested in swapping links? :)

Anonymous said...

no offense, but while your pics may be cute, i give you a 2/10 for originality. The majority of your images are reproductions of other people's designs, and i would be careful about copyrights on such designs.

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