Ghostworld goodness

did you know that this collection was based on Thora Birch in Ghostworld? It all starts to make sense now! I love that film


Lady Melbourne said...

Hhhmmm, what is Thora Birch doing these days? I love your top outfit, large polka dots are very cool.

annabananna said...

indeed, that makes sense. and i didn't know it. still love you with glasses, and luella just suits you so well!

Elisabeth said...

Love the glasses.

Mulot-Bricole SHOP said...

So lovely ! I like your personnal graphic world ! Sorry for my poor english !


trend de la creme said...

I am especially fond of the first dress!

Elodi said...

I love that film too... happy that it can inspire fashion!!

Anonymous said...

I love that film too, and love you work also!!!!

ElodiE said...

I love that film too! and love your graphic world too!!!

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