Apparently the Bloomsbury set meets David Hockney in Paul Smith's new collection encapsulating the creative individualism of London bohemia (phew what a tongue twister!).

I love love love the glasses but of course I don't need them, you know what they say about eating carrots and all. But wearing glasses is so this season, check out Brit lovely Alexa Chung. I have long admired her cute preppy style and these glasses just topped off her look nicely - so chic!


p* said...

this is adorable! i'm in love with the glasses too :)

jasmine.celion said...

nice designs of clothes i love it

jasmine celion

Lady Melbourne said...

It's a very cool look, a lot of gals around Melbourne are rocking those kind of glasses at the moment. Hard to get right but when done properly- perfection!

ishopforyou said...

Love the glasses on you Fifi! Same thing in France it's very hype to wear glasses when you don't need them. It reminds me when I was 12 and I wanted to wear glasses just to look cool.

maria videl. maria mex. maria red air said...

really nice drawings!!

ed said...

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