A 'pro' at getting all dressed up

wow, so many lovely clothes, so little time to wear them. I've had to pack out my diary with engagements and become the ultimate social butterfly just so that I can get them all into one day. Sonny thinks I'm mad of course, he says I spend more time getting ready than actually living my life. Its like one of those surveys, you know the ones - in a lifetime how many years do you spend sleeping/watching tv/sitting on the loo etc etc? well anyway I reckon its worth it, I haven't looked this good since, well yesterday actually!

bunny kisses


Kuro-e said...

Looking fabulous as always!

Emma said...

you have such lovely talent! love this so much!

Mulot-Bricole SHOP said...

C'est beau, c'est beau et plein de poésie !
So lovely ! It's beautiful and poetic !

Anonymous said...

Hi Fifi
I have a question about your shop - is it possible to request particulr pictures of you from past posts? I really hope so you are so pretty.

V said...

You look fabulously cool as always - those coats fit you so so well ;)

Kara Craig said...

wow fifi you really are a star. you look smashing in the gold number that sasha is rocking on the runway. you're very inspiring you know! next i'd like to see you in a couture range, perhaps the spring couture from the house of Chanel, what do you think? love kara x

Key said...

well, my "sonny" thinks the same of me! :D

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