it's friday!


somewhair said...

This is really lovely !

Sophie said...

Yes, finally Friday! Are you gonna update your shop to day? Looking forward to the t-shirt that you’ve talking about:) /Sophie♥

FIFI said...

sorry not today! I'm working away trying to get everything ready...

moxie said...

Hey Fifi,

We are a gonzo T shirt wearing company that advocates real life experience.

We are also making a movie.


Yours, Moxie.

PA Fiber Artist said...


Love, love, love....your designs. Gorgeous! I am linking your blog to mine.

Take care,

1234 said...

soo cute.

VOGUEITE said...

hi fifi, have you got an email address?

Elisabeth said...

That hat is just too cute!

tsilli said...

i love this so much!

WendyB said...

What a cute hat!

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