Oh my goodness Luella you can do no wrong!
Just check out these gorgeous examples from her latest spring summer 09 collection. The randomness of being given a pink balloon and a meringue pig as we entered the show can only make me love it more! Today I am wearing her most witchy outfit from this fall season in honour of her greatness. Rock on Luella, we salute you!

phew it's like a garden party on acid! love love love!

Last week I was feeling a bit under the weather but don't think I wasn't watching my favorite designers very closely. Here's my pick from last weeks New York fashion week...
(click on the pics for a closer look at these little beauties)

letf: beautiful Philip Lim, lovely details, calming soft colours and gorgeous leather accessories
right: Proenza Schouler, edgy chic loveliness

left: russian dolls at Anna Sui
right: beauty and simplicity at J Mendel

he's done it again!
left: gorgeous accessories and a strong sillouette at Marc Jacobs
right: Marc by Marc Jacobs, does it get any cooler?

left: Marchessa getting stronger every season, red carpet drop jaw gorgeousness
right: Nanette Lepore, for this coat alone, loving the shape, the buttons and the amazing print

mmmm can't wait to go shopping!

bunny kisses

p.s. thanks for all your great feedback about the new shop!


Edie said...

I simply loved all your blogspot and your designs and drawings. Really a pleasure to discover this place!

Lady Melbourne said...

Luella- tea party on acid ha ha ha!
Fantastic, one of my favs.

Aimée in the Skyy said...

sooo lovely.
i am a huge fan by now!


V said...

what wonderful bunnies. wanna link?

mademoiselleb said...

I wanted to write an article about that fashion show. Luella is great.

ed said...









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