In these times we are all thinking about how we can feel a bit better about shopping especially for clothing and that's why I get so darn excited about etsy.

It's like a huge ethical shopping centre and with a bit of rootling you can find some really great vintage pieces and some amazing designs from small producers and crafts people.

Every purchase gives you a glow of excitement as you think how happy you just made that shopkeeper and how happy your going to be when the postman rings the bell instead of just stuffing the bills through!

I am in the lucky position not to have to worry too much about money (Daddy's carrot and lettuce shares are still doing just about ok) but I do have friends who aren't so lucky, and being lucky doesn't stop me shopping on etsy... I do love playing personal shopper!

first up - I love the shape of this dress from Ramona West and the gorgeous button detailing, and I think it goes perfectly with the gladiator sandals... get some similar bargain ones here

This faceted labradorite ring from Catherine Chandler is a little statement for your finger, I just love that deep blue colour

for party fun I love this giant gold sequin number from persephone vintage

and this peachy coat is just waiting to be snapped up over at Allen Company Inc.

I'm waiting patiently for this 'Fontaine dress' to come back in stock.... pretty please Vain and Vapid

aren't these so cute ? I've been planning to get myself a pair of brogue type flats and these from Santoki Vintage are almost perfect

and lastly but certainly not leastly, cocotte couture has some amazing designs, here's your chance to snap up something lovely from the next generation of designers

Happy Shopping

bunny kisses
Fifi lapin


Jenny Cindy said...

Some lovely items. Especially the vintage finds - lovely!
I don't think I'd order from them though as the international shipping is way too expensive.

Jasmina said...

I´ve made shorts just like the ones in that cocotte couture pic, but with white buttons :>

The Six Six Sick Girls said...

Thank you for the tips, it's always a nice reminder to see all the good things that you can find on etsy. The sequin number is killer...


Amelia said...

I love that peach coat. I have to stay away from Etsy--it's too tempting.

Kim said...

That ring is beautiful. I've surched for years after a ring like that and know when I found it I can't have it. Life sucks in that way, stupid unfairness!!

TheMinx said...

I love love love the brogues. so cute, so european.

NStyle said...

i love ETSy i am also a dealer if there is something that i am looking for ETSY is the first place i go but if you get a chance check me out


ed said...








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