Today I am wearing Alessandra Facchinetti's very sweet first collection for Valentino. Her departure from the label after just two seasons was not so pretty but lets not dwell on that and just coo over the delicious shoes!

look, the one on the left has just found out she gets to wear them too and they're dancing with joy!

...are these Toppers booties nice? I love the fabrics they've used and I can imagine they would look great with a pair of skinnies but is the shape just too dumpy? I can't decide.

Talking of Topshop shoes aren't these just so foxy. They don't look so great on the site itself but come alive when paw (foot) adorned. They create such a lovely shape for the leg, gosh I sound like some sort of shoe perv!

Topshop is consistently great at making affordable footwear but for serious shoe lovers check these YSL babys out, they say that shoes are the first thing on a girls shopping list when there's a recession (gasp sorry I thought I'd sworn never to use that word) - any excuse to buy shoes!

But what happens if you see some shoes that aren't so easy to snap up? I once followed a particularly gorgeous pair of heels all the way down Via Montenapoleone in Milano just to ask their owner where she had found them (and promptly went out and got myself a pair!). Similarly, I am IN LOVE with these gorgeous yellow YSL's courtesy of Jak and Jil blog, and those peg leg trousers, what a combo... any ideas where we can get our paws on them... anyone?

Aother thing that I have fallen head over heels for is the jewellery of Lizzie Fortunato I really like the fact that the high value is not because of diamonds or gold but because of the craftmanship and love that goes into each piece. enjoy!

bunny kisses Fifi Lapin

Today I also spotted
cute russian matrioshka dolls from Russian Vogue
a lovely FREE! calendar
beautiful 'personal moon' pictures
amazing shot by Solve Sundsbo
image sharing site ffffound! I found this and this and lastly but not leastly this!


young said...

Oh, Fifi, those are some extraordinary things you've found! I, too, fell in love with those YSL shoes when I saw them on JAK&JIL.
One can only dream...

Donkey said...

Ok, Fifi--

I LOVE you!!

Amelia said...

Those outfits are so pretty. I love the jewelry.

Top Bird said...

You're looking lovely, Fiji. Love you in Valentino.

Some fabulous finds, too. Amazing jewellery and Matrioshka dolls. xx

aileen :: motu said...

you look fabulous in the 2nd valentino dress... love it.

Lady Melbourne said...

It's so dissapointing because I loved what she did at Valentino....you wear it so well however, I only wish I could afford to own it!

FIFI LAPIN said...

thank you for all your lovely comments, hope you all had a great weekend

Katee "e-polishblog" said...

Just found your blog. Don't know how I have been missing it all this time! I love it!

The Six Six Sick Girls said...

your work is amazing, come christmas, I will definitely be ordering some prints for my favorite fashionistas.


Felicia said...

fifi, you are my electric girl (bunny) in valentino


ed said...







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