LFW - can't wait to wear....

I've been so busy checking out all the Aut/Win 09 shows that I have been neglecting you a little, so I'm sorry about that, but to cheer you up here's my latest gorge outfit.... topped off with my fave Chanel sunnies and Christian Louboutin for Philip Lim pillar box red super heels - woah I'm a little giddy in these puppies! I obviously had to look uber cool for London Fashion week what with all these amateur pappers about... sartorialist here I come!

Here's a closer look, I love this 5preview T with it's homage to one of my most favorite labels. My bag is a Kathleen from Chloe in super soft sea grey leather

London Fashion week has not disappointed, here's what I can't wait to wear so far

florals, and red mixed with a black was a huge draw for me
clockwise from top left twenty8twelve, nathan jenden, issa, erdem, luella, aquascutum

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin


5Preview said...

I can see that the XXXXXXXS 5preview T-shirt fitted you! Looks good Fifi!!!!

FIFI LAPIN said...

yes thanks so much, it's super cool and the necklace too...
hugs and carrots

Iole said...

I can't wait too.
love iole

Amber said...

fifi you look so kayute <3

i heart your sunglasses

kensie said...

Hi fif it's kensie. I adore you! your my favorite bunny in the entire universe. I LOVE those chanel glasses on you, you rock them better than lily donaldson. =:x hehe I love that smiley. I bet lilly allen spotted you at london fashion week, I bet she was in envy of you.

kensie, portland oregon. USA

vintageveggie said...

love love love. you are one fabulous bunny rabbit!

Aysha's Rabbit Hole said...


Georgie said said...

You look great fifi!

allison said...

looooooooove bunny

M said...

You're rocking that first look, very fierce!

kimvee said...

Ohmygosh I love both illustrations! So cute! :)

Rianna Bethany said...

fifi is looking so chic in those fab oversized sun glasses!
Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I like to illustrate my anthromorphic chracters in rabbits as well! This is due to being from the year of the rabbit. But you're illustrations are much more nice and fashionable.

iowa said...

Congrats to the winners! and OMG you have lesportsac's now??!!! They're soo cute. I think I need one

Down Comforter said...

Can't wait to see you in the sweetheart floral dress :)

ed said...








keetee said...

So pround to be a bunny when I saw you!!!You always look so lovely^^
Wish that one day you will wear my cloth too!!!!
Will keep up your update^^


Jenny Cindy said...

Love love loove your first outfit. Fifi, those Chanel sunglasses look fabulous on you!

Ruth said...

Oh your the best bunny ever!
So stylish. So damn cute...

ruth xx


Mandylee said...

love the bunny it's amazing

~♥ lalait'sc a s i ** said...


It features Fifi in this outfit

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