under the weather

Hello me dearys,
I've got the dreaded lurgy... flu and pinkeye... unlike some rabbits I don't naturally have pink eyes so it looks awful and I am hiding inside with my largest YSL sunnies on watching movies and daytime tv on the sofa with my paws up. I've even been off my food which is not like me at all. Sonny even tried to tempt me with his infamous beetroot brownies but all I've managed is a few sips of carrot juice (thanks Irene for the suggestion) which brings me to this adorable picture from flickr member Maria*PA who looks after some of the most adorable of my cousins. look at the sign; good for what ails yer! so sweet...

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin

p.s. I heard about a couple of bits of press today which cheered me up, a bit in the USA Metro about affordable art and one of the LeSportSac bags in USA today if anyone has a copy of that I'd love to see it


keetee said...

I hope you get well soon*_*

jasmine said...

Chere Fifi,
Please get well soon!
xoxo, jasmine

Anonymous said...

fifi, it's you at the LV show! http://www.fashionologie.com/2920069

ChristieLovestoWrite said...

get well soon, Fifi!

Anyway, you haven't try wearing Juicy Couture, have you?

It's a really great brand!

Lali Cristina said...

ll soon Fifi! ^_^
I've been under the wetaher myself too
But I have a suggestion for you, whenever you feel better and inspired to wear great garments back again, here is something I just tought that might look super on you, it's from Sonia Rykell's new collection
I love you and ypu-re in almost every polyvoere set of mine
Again get well soon, hope u the best,
xoxo Laura

C. said...

Get well soon! Love the pic.

... said...

This pic brings smile
Have a lemon juice with honey and hot water ...

Fred the Mole


v said...

great sketches

lets link


Michael Oats said...

Hey! how are u?

I've been a long time without posting any shooting due to some problems, but today I wanted to share something new. It's just one picture but I hope you like it.



Photographed by Michael Oats


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