What a lovely break I've had, I hope you guys did too. I just had a really girly weekend with Ruby eating far to many chocolate eggs and generally hanging out. I just love being able to do absolutely nothing without a guilty conscience! This was us (above) on Sunday, we're both wearing vintage from Ruby's wardrobe. I stayed over at hers saturday night so raided her wardrobe the next morning - I love being a girl! we're both wearing the lovely necklushes that I recently discovered. I just love how they go with everything and you can chuck them on with a tee and look instantly cool!

check out their etsy shop here... lots of lovely designs but this is the one I have and it's definitely my fave!

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin


The Stylish Wanderer said...


A chicette in Paris said...

You and Ruby look fab!
Glad you had a nice Easter honey bunnies! :-)

Kisses from Paris!



Juliet said...

You two look so good! Amazing! I love the fringes!

juliet xxx

v said...

super cute!


fleur said...

omfg i wish i could draw. i like your drawings!

Amelia said...

I love the shades of green! Your skirt is perfect.

Pixienish said...


Marina said...

I always love your drawings!!!!!
Always so cute and awesome!


Lauren said...

i'm waiting for fifi lesportsac to come in the mail! can't wait!



Michael Oats said...

Hey! How r u?

I'm back and I uploaded new pictures today. I hope u like them.

Photographed by Michael Oats


RhiannonM said...

So cute, the both of you. I can't get over how every day you look so different and you you are still so you! :)

joy said...

you should make this a print..love these!

xAZD said...

nice sketch! i love your outfits ;)


té mandarina said...

I love being a girl too :)

keetee said...

Love you and ruby!!

Ruth said...

Love the lush look- take a peek at Acne's stunning green suede jacket-- oh the emerald! Ruth x


disa said...

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