I’m off to an art show opening this evening and thought I should dress up (any excuse) the look I’m going for is kooky and interesting. Hopefully this Basso and Brooke outfit will help me live up to that. The shoes are terrifyingly tall but I figured I must suffer for my own art!

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin

extracted from Hong Kong publication Little thing Magazine


henry_cervantes said...

es genial!, tengo un blog nuevo y hable de ti! eres lo maximo =)

Dana said...

Oh Fifi, you're so stylish!!
I'm writing for a Mexican Mag, Be Model, I'm gonna feature your lovely Le Sport Sac bag!!!



vintageveggie said...

totally on the art show mark!

kimvee said...

Your outfit is so stylish as always! Great feature in the magazine :)

xAZD said...

ooh that looks great! have fun XD

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