like a circle in a spiral

Went to a rather marvelous wedding at the weekend and I got such a good response from this outfit that I decided to revisit the the rather marvelous Viktor and Rolf spring collection. I know Viktor and Rolf is a unusual choice for a wedding but it did say 'look gorgeous' on the invite. Sonny thought I succeeded. Though he preferred it later on that night when I had to take off the stockings due to the heat generated from the dance floor marathon! He said they reminded him of the time he offered to help his aunt with her crazy paving. He dropped a slab on his paw leaving him with the childhood nickname Hopalong... he so shouldn't have told me about that... serious ammunition for the next time he tries flirting with a table of single ladies he gets seated with! =;x)

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin


Style Redux 2 said...

This Victor and Rolf is one of my all time favorites on you. I think it looks better on you than the runway, because the circle/spiral has been downsized.

FIFI LAPIN said...

hi style redux 2... I think it's an optical illusion due to the fact that my head is so big!

noa said...

Your blog is so cute!! I love it!


Kate said...

i love victor and rolf (:

Ty Ty said...

wonderful choice for a wedding! u are a work of art ;)


Ty Ty

Jill @ Trend de la Creme said...

one of my faves from this collection. looks much better on ms. lapin!

C said...





Hanna Inaiáh said...

hlove your blog!!! met mine http://www.hannainaiah.com/

Lenore said...

Hello!! It's been forever since I've seen yor blog...I missed the most stylish bunny ever!!

I especially missed all the drawings...too perfect.


Summer said...

Love it on you..=) You are so great on it.Looking forward on your next post.=)

A Writers Den
The Brown Mestizo

Juliet said...

Looks so great on you! Your bunny ears balance it nicely!

juliet xxx

kimmy said...

OH YOU look marvelous!

Amelie / Ces petits riens parisiens said...

You look like a snail right ?

La Dama que fue Ardilla said...

I love that dress!! is simply magical!!

Dana said...

OMG, you're the most stylish bunny ever!

Pris said...

Fifi you've got a great eye, that piece was one of the best from their collection!



modediktat said...

I've just stumbled over your uber-cute blog! AMAZING + SOOO LOVELY! Will add you to my blog roll today and will visit very often!
I LOVE FIFI LAPIN! - what a gorgeous idea!
xoxo, s.

ApollineR said...

I like your bunny smiley =:)

Ruth said...

adorable!!!!!!!Ruth @ Matches

amelia-k said...

so cute! i want to be fifi! x

bad credit credit cards said...

That dress is not looking good and not even comfortable on that model but on you fifi it looks awesome. You are looking too cute on it.

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