Street Style

It was gorgeous weather here yesterday and I hung out with Sonny in London town. He insisted on paying for me to have my portrait drawn by one of the artists that hang out around Piccadilly Circus and although at first I was totally skeptical about how the dude was going to interpret my massive ears (caricaturists can be so cruel!) I was quite pleased with the results. I'm planning on hanging it in the hall next to my Barbara Hulanicki original - praise indeed!

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin


Gabbi said...

Lovely portrait dearest Fifi... such elegant ears!

Just Add Sequins said...

Fifi, you look lovely! ^^

Amo mi closet said...

I love you Fifi!... you are so cute

Style Redux 2 said...


Ilse said...

I didn't know you until now, but I <3 Fifi already!!

Justine said...

So adorable!

Pedro Herrero. said...

Hi there!

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P.S. Fifi, congratulations for your faboulous blog and your wounderful drawings.

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