further adventure of Fifi Lapin

Hey Guys, Here's me outside the Gucci shop in Paris with my latest purchase, serious sunglasses! Not that I need them now with all this cloud around. You can just see a little peek of my Eley Kishimoto dress which I'll be posting about tomorrow along with Sonny's Paris date outfit... but anyway, I digress, tonight I'm off to the McQueen show which you too can watch along live here! almost as good as being there in person. squeal. Lets compare notes tomorrow!

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin


The style strutter said...

Amazing fifi:)!!!


Madeleine said...

Love the blog :D !

Size 12 shoes said...

Hi. You have a really cool sunglasses. Will you give it to me for 1 day please?? I wanna wear it.

Juliet said...

You're the chic-est bunny alive !

juliet xxx

nicole said...

How long withh you have maintance on your shop?

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