Sacrebleu! Givenchy!

Sonny in front of the Basilique du Sacré-Cœur wearing his Ray-bans.
(You'd think those things were glued to his head. I'm thinking of sending him to ray-bans anonymous!)

Hello everyone, I'm in Paris enjoying the shows and pretending to be french! The french are so chic don't you think... just look at this stylish couple (below) I spotted having their wedding photos taken in front of the the Sacré-Coeur. They drove up in a gorgeous little car followed by the photographer on his cool scooter, jumped out, had their photos taken and zoomed off again! Wow Paris is so romantic...

Sonny and I have spent a lovely weekend here courtesy of Eurostar who knowing my penchant for the place sent me two first class tickets. How could I refuse! I usually fly over to stay in my little holiday apartment overlooking the Eiffel tower but I am so impressed with the train journey I may just be converted. I couldn't believe how fast it took to zip through the tunnel. We were in Paris quicker than you could say yummy first class bunny friendly vegetarian breakfast and complimentary champagne!

I'll bring you more shots of my romantic weekend soon but I just wanted to mention the Givenchy show. One word - AMAZING! I was swooning over every single piece that came down the catwalk...

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin

p.s. Elisabeth has still not contacted me - come on dear, we're all waiting to see if you've sent the postcard!


Juliet said...

I loved givenchy too! So pretty! But what did you wear to the shows?

juliet xxx

Olivia said...

Paris sounds amazing. How romantic!
Love the blog.
-Olivia at www.pretty-polaroid.blogspot.com

Noor said...

I like so much the white dress fifi!!!

kisses from Perú.....


British Style said...

I love the sacre-couer! It's so lovely :)

xxx Amy

(LOwe) said...

LOwe your blog

Madeleine said...

I wish I could go to Paris..... Have fun!

michellek said...

the sequined one sleeve ensemble was to die for. wonderful

keetee said...

paris!!!My dream city!!SO envy!

Michael Oats said...

I'm sorry for this kind of spam but I just wanted you to know that by now, I'm preparing some exhibitions and I can't upload any of the shoots I'm doing, but you can follow the making of the series on my new blog:


Sorry again and I hope I'll be back very soon.


Size 12 shoes said...

Wow. This show rocks. So beautiful dresses these models wore. I wish I could see it live.

Tiffany said...

Paris is the greatest.

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