tee update

Hello again...
I licensed a bunch of my designs so you'll see a few T-shirts appearing around the place... here are some more over at Delias

bunny kisses Fifi Lapin

p.s. apologies to those out of the USA as I know from your emails that you have been patiently waiting for fifi tees. Please let me assure you I am working hard on getting some out there for you

p.p.s. the Japanese writing on the lemon tee says 'you are beautiful' - which you are!


AlicePleasance said...

Oh my, these are the cutest tees I've ever seen! It would be too good if you make them available to us in Europe too ;-)

monica burnett said...

very cute fifi! i just might have to buy one...


Cris said...

These tees are so cute!! Please, do try to make them available in Europe, it'd be a great thing!!

Francesca said...

Even more adorableness! Hopefully I'll be able to get one from F21, and that grey tee from dELiAs*. xx


Kate said...

I want them all(:
Can't wait for some to come out in the UK though!x

Mi-Mi said...

I want to buy the "paris", how can I but it? Can you arrange to send to HK or I can tell my friend to buy in UK, please reply me ASAP!!! Thanks!! ; )

{lorelailette<3} said...

HOLY CROW i need them! those tees are dying to be in my wardrobe!


Lady SUnflower

p.s i am from south africa, and i am desperate for one of those tees

Anonymous said...


i think she's using your pictures without permission. ://

oh and those tees are adorable!

J. said...

Lovely! I hope they'll soon be available in Europe because the shipping costs are so high!!!

gabriella.helena said...

I think I love you.
The t-shirts are fabulous!

Yen said...

I want the Fifi Japanese Tee! Well.. actually I want all!! xD And I'm in Asia! =l

Lana said...

CONGRATS! I just got the email for Heritage 1981 selling exclusively two designs! ah! I'm so excited! I've been reading this blog for awhile and to see the Fifi Lapin in real life is amazing! I'll be sure to buy one (or two, or all of them!)

Natasha said...

I need them all and I think I need a Fifi calendar now...is that in the works???:)

pink horrorshow said...

Your Cartel store has been "under maintenence" for quite some time now, when is it going to open again??

maja said...

oh my, i totally fell in love with your blog! the bunnys are cutest thing ever :)

Calypso said...

Fifi you are too cute! and talented, those tees are gorgeous. I also love the ones you did for artisans at asos.com ... <3


i said...

Fifi, you are my favorite "lapin". I was born in the year of "lapin" so I need to get these tees... I am in Japan. Please please make it happen to buy them directly here.


sararocks said...

is it available in Indonesia ??
me want one ! it's so cute oh my God !!!!

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