Rabbit Chic

I'm still feeling sad about never seeing another McQueen creation again...

But t get me through I have been checking out the shows whilst wearing a little Chanel
click on the pictures to see the outfits on the catwalk

Have you seen the Marc Jacobs show? It was divine, I have these two cuties on my shopping list...

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin


Nicole Jarecz said...

hey :) i've just discovered your blog and love it! i'm going to follow you on bloglovin...

I'm a fashion illustrator from Detroit. I hope you'll check out my work on my blog and follow me as well!



Shopper said...

McQueen will stay in our hearts forever.

I love this Chanel jacket. And Jacobs collection is great, but I prefer colors and bows in Marc by Marc Jacobs for spring.

Calypso said...

Fifi, you look tres chic. Cheered my up after Mcqueens death... And me too, I loved Marc Jacobs new collection, cant wait to see you in it!

Love from Calypso


Iole said...

love the first!

The Style Strutter said...



Miss Molly said...

I love it FIFI!! beautiful!

Victoria said...

Tis very sad about McQueen x

Adri M. said...

Hola FiFi!!! Love your style and love your blog!! ... I'm a fan :))!!!

Continue with the great work!!


Kerrin said...

definitely sharing your sadness with his passing. RIP.

Deewtje said...

That first outfit is so nice! I love your blog.



POP Art ^-^ said...

awww your blog is so adorable!

kimvee said...

Very cute outfit, I love the one with the red stocking and the first one is very nautical :)


DaniDannyDanielle said...

If only I had the rabit-y legs for those pants.

fashionfamous said...

I read youre blog in the magazine Mari cLaire

Erik said...

The Marc Jacobs show was fantastic. The best show of the New York week, by far.

I also wanted to say that I love your illustrations. They are so cute but really fashionable.

Keep up the good work.

LYDIA HOPE said...

Just discovered your blog, love the rabbits, so cute! And agree with you, fashion won't be the same without mr lee McQueen x

NatalieAnne said...

I love Chanel!! I don't have many followers and i am in love with anything related to fashion! I follow your blog all of the time.. maybe you could follow mine?
XOXO Natalie Anne

Stefanie said...

where have you gone fifi?!?!
its been too long...:(

Claudia said...

Hey there fashionista,
Just so you know, I added you to my favorite blog page on my blog. I really enjoy going to your blog and reading about what you have to say.

Here is the link to see your blog name there-->

I hope you like it! <3

Claudia K a.k.a. STYLE GURU

IsabellePilon said...

Love the new twist on the classic nautical theme. Great bunny outfits! Ive been styling shoots w/ those white & blue stripes too. Wish i had that double breasted jacket though

mademoiselle isabelle

koralee said...

Your blog is so so lovely...I adore all these little bunnies hanging around everywhere. Off to follow. Thank you so much for your sweet comments you left me the other day. Off to do some more peeking around your blog. xoxoo

Lemon for breakfast said...

you're so chic Fifi! :)

maybemayest said...

i'd not like to believe that he has gone..
it's difficult to make my mind chill out :(

anyway i always love your works !

Crocodile Daniee said...

Believe me.. I Love Fifi Lapin!! You Are So Cool!! ;) And the clothes so sweet!!

fioorentine said...

I just discovered your blog. I got your blog from Harper's Bazaar, omg I love your blog so much! anyway, we will never forget McQueen!
many kisses and hugs from me ;)

Dry Clean Only said...

I love your chanel jacket fifi, lovely gold buttons!

Style Blvd said...

Adorable!!! LOVE!!! Thanks for the post!


Rondell said...

That rabbit think he people, LOL!

Greer said...

this is the CUTEST blog.x

Leia said...

Love the MJ dresses!

Desi said...

Hey rabbit, where are U?? xoxo

Ashling said...

Marc Jacobs presented a very thoughtful collection this year. I was lucky enough to examine his collection backstage which was more understated than previous years. The shoes were so simple and chic, not like his bling-tastic stick-a-tassel-and-chain-on-everything look that he usually does.

Blah Blah Becky said...

Fifi where have you gone?! :-(

Abbie (Lula) said...

I forever $hearts; your wardobe.


gallery 802 said...

The blog is very informative,thank you for sharing with us.

Dandyism Is NOT Dead said...

Love your bunny illustrations!

Jessica McClintock Bedding said...

Love the Marc Jacobs good-girl chic :)

Tablet PC keyboard said...

Unfortunately I have never seen Jacobs show but I must say he must be a very good designer as the two dresses in the picture are so cool and happening. I really liked both that wears.

shirley said...

wooow i remember when this blog was not as popular at all and each post had one or two comments if any. congrats, well deserved!!

gih said...

Beautiful ladies ramping on the stage. They are so gorgeous.

Sam said...

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inge luciana said...

Hi, fifi lapin. i read about you in one of magazine in Indonesia. wow, i really really adore your drawing, you have a great skill and your bunny is very cute and fashionable.. ^^

Nishant said...

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Cyndi said...

Myself just started blogging and was aaawed by your work. Will definitely be hopping behind this busy bunny :)

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Myrthe said...

Alexa Chung wore that right Marc Jacobs dress yesterday at the CFDA awards, I love the dress!

♥ agirlcandream-myrthe.blogspot.com ♥

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