Parasol Girl

What a shock Galliano leaving Dior was and it did overshadow the show somewhat. I actually considered boycotting the whole thing and not showing you my Spring Summer 2011 Dior outfit but I couldn't not. It is just so beautiful. I will only be wearing it this once and then it will be going into storage like a lonely and folourn Miss Haversham. I just hope some good comes of this sordid incident. 

On a brighter note, how do you like the new blog design? I have been meaning to have a spring clean for a while. I have also added a few new sections along the top one of which is totally dedicated to you guys, my gorgeous fans. So if you have any pics you'd like to add just drop me a line (the contact me link is in the sidebar or if you are reading this post in your inbox just click reply)

bunny kisses 
Fifi Lapin 


Rachel said...

I am a fan of the new layout - and how could you not wear that adorable outfit, even if it is just only to be worn once!

Miss Molly said...

agree - a shock to the system in deed. you look amaze fifi


FIFI LAPIN said...

thank you girls!

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

I love your new layout!
You look great with that outfit :)
And yes, I just hope that Galliano can get back to track soon :( I love his works!

Lux said...

The new design is very nice.
Kiss kiss

Anonymous said...

wow !! all is AMAZING !! where do you found these pictures ??

Hijabs and Co said...

Ohhh this is really beautiful

Very nice design <3


❤Cate❤ said...

The dress is stunning but I can't help but feel now that Galliano's designs are tainted. As beautiful as they are and as talented as he is I can't view them in the way I used to anymore.

Still I'm excited to see the new direction Dior will take now xoxo

FIFI LAPIN said...

ta all,
and Cate I think you have hit the nail on the head. somehow I can't imagine ever feeling the same affinity to his creations. We shall see if he finds it possible to redeem himself.

I am also excited to see who will be appointed and what direction Dior takes.

Brooke said...

so cute!


LILY LOU said...

hello, i love your work, it's very nice and fifi is really cute !i have just boughtt a shirt !

SOFIA said...

lovely pic!

madeline carroll said...

love the layout! Fifi, by the way where have you been!?

Tendai Lewis, 16 , UK said...

really amazing lovely layout ;)


Valerie said...

You look fantastic