Competition Winners

Today I'm wearing this seasons Balenciaga. You can see my outfit on the catwalk here

Ahem... I have an important announcement! 
 *Here are the winners of my tee and tote competition*

If your name is on the list be sure and send me your address right away as I have had some difficulty contacting everyone on facebook... 

1. conill panxut
2. Denise Tan
3. Janet Booth :)) Love U Fifi ♥ !!!!!
4. Intan Fairuza
5. Amy Cesnas
6. Mariel Perez Acosta!!!
7. Stephany Gomez :)
8. jennifer fang
9. Leticia Dawson
10. Nadine Reilly
11. Blanca Vazquez
12. Katy Townsend
13. madeline carroll
14. meredith laverty
15. Elizabeth Greer
16. Laurette/ Laure Mary
17. haruka okubo
18. melissa bulzomi
19. Amy Malloney
20. tiffany ho
21. erin lake
22. Ebee Tullos
23. Anna Platt
24. Alex Mcintosh
25. Louise Croall
26. Emma Taylor
27. Daria Patrunjel
28. Ginte Mikolaityte
29. courtney walker
30. Joanna A. Cheong
31. Solange Russo
32. Jy Mason
33. Giulia Catania
34. China Martin
35. Elsita Morrell
36. Maria Marriott 
37. Cheryl Richardson
39. Marion Shaw
40. Madeline Ferguson-Jones
41. Kelly Robson
42. Erin Aloki
43. Lucinda Miller
44. Theodora Tan
45. Chandi Deepa
46. Joanna Hollyoake
47. Elisabeth Baernthaler
48. Kathrine Thrue Hougaard
49. Marta Petriglieri
50. Tallis Davidson
51. Katy Hanna
52. Nancy van Batenburg
53. Camille Sadie Scott
54. lucy sigley
55. Emma Boxwood
    Congratulations to the winners you have won 1 item from the Fifi Lapin for Pimkie collection - Yay!
    ...and commiserations to all that weren't lucky this time - all 1176 of you!
    bunny kisses 
    Fifi Lapin 

    competition rules…
    The winners will be the first 55 picked by the list randomizer
    All tees and sweatshirts are a size medium.
    The prizes will be allocated randomly.
    The prizes are non-transferable and there is no cash alternative.
    Only one entry per person allowed. Second or subsequent entries will be disqualified. Entries will not be accepted via agents, third parties or in bulk.
    The winners will be notified via facebook and must reply within two weeks with a valid address. After two weeks Fifi will hold your competition prize but you may be asked to contribute towards postage.
    The competition is open to all, from anywhere in the world.
    By entering the competition each entrant agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions.


    Gilbert Ganda said...

    I couldn't see my name there :(


    MissLileey said...

    me either :(

    Lydz xX said...

    sad face, congrts to the winners though :)

    Lydz xX

    Scarabocchio Girl said...

    I've emailed you my address right now! :) thank you!

    RIY_KA said...

    yay!!! love your blog:))

    Blah Blah Becky said...

    Dammit I lose! *sad face*

    Congrats to everyone who won!


    *indie_queen* said...

    BOO :'( But congrats to everyone who won!

    Asun said...

    Felicidades a los ganadores, ahora a disfrutar y lucirte mucho.
    Nosotros te luciremos gracias a Pimkie.
    Un besote y feliz semana desde Megustaloquehaces

    kittenhood said...

    Wihihihi! I'm so excited! I've emailed my address! Thanks so much!


    Carly Florence said...

    aren't there meant to be 55 instead of 53?

    FIFI LAPIN said...

    there are 55
    please explain!

    Anonymous said...

    So lucky these winners~i'm jealous

    Lola said...

    Congrats to the winners, had to read through the list twice in the hope that I had simply not read my name! xx

    STEFANIE said...

    congrats to all the winners :) Loving your outfit today, fifi!

    Carolina Benoit said...

    I didn't win either! congrats to the winners! ps. I am having a t-shirt give away at my blog too if anyone is interested here is the link and rules:

    Rosalinda Tjioe said...

    Congratulations to the winners! I didn't see my name too!


    Charlotte Beecham said...

    I love your blog. Your style and vibe are great, really cute.
    Check mine out at

    Follow back if you like it. id appreciate the support!

    Tori said...

    Oh yeah, there are only 53 people listed

    FIFI LAPIN said...

    Tory and Carly Florence
    I can see 55, what's going on? There are definitely 55 winners listed!

    Anonymous said...

    i have sent you my address (i hope you get my email)
    thanks so much!
    lucy sigley

    Sodafloss said...

    Congrats to the winners. I heart Fifi.

    Nadine said...

    Emailed you my address! Thank you so much and congrats to everyone else <3

    Anonymous said...

    Can I know where else can I order the tote bag? Really love it! :)

    patroladdict71 said...

    i didn't win this time...but who knows next time it might :(

    Joanna said...

    Will you translate the book into French?

    Tori said...

    Oh, that's weird! Yesterday on the computer it only showed 53, and I refreshed and everything. But on my iPhone it shows all 55, so it must've been a glitch. Sorry to alarm you!!

    flowermallow said...

    Aw I didn't win. Hahaa! I would've been ecstatic. Anyways.. Congratulations everyone! :D

    The Lady Philosopher said...

    congrats to all winners from a non-competitor!
    visit the salon of rights:
    The Right to Apparel choice

    CheshireCat said...


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    Linus said...

    Lucky you! Comme vous ĂȘtes chanceuses!

    welovefur said...

    I love it
    I'm your follower. :=)
    Your blog is amazing!!!!
    I hope you will follow me www.welovefur.blogspot.com
    with love

    Laura said...

    Lovely design!

    Please visit my new blog at: http://style---street.blogspot.com/

    Full of style, beauty, looks, and everything fashion-related!

    Thank-you :)

    Laura x

    The Fashion Factory said...

    Hey Fifi! I love you nd your blog , got your t-shirt... I'm a big fan! ;) Love your Balenciaga outfit btw :) x

    Check out my fashion blog too! There is even a drawing dedicated to you! :) x Bisous!

    Adele said...

    My name isn't there. Oh well, it was for my sister anyway. :)

    3C Sports Village said...

    Love your Blog. Congrats to the winner

    Claire M. said...

    I love the dress so nice and stunning :)